what's the most despicable tech company, retoot for exposure

@MitchellYeager6 Facebook but kindof amusing that Microsoft doesn't even make the list anymore.

@dcbaok @MitchellYeager6
John Deere. Farmers can't even replace parts. Some hackers are jailbreaking though.

@rudolf @dcbaok the fact you need to jailbreak farming equipment is abhorent

@MitchellYeager6 @rudolf @dcbaok the right to repair affects more than farm equipment. It's coming to a car near you soon!

@miah @MitchellYeager6 @rudolf @dcbaok wouldn't it be wonderful if car owners got to have a right to own their own car data too

@rudolf @dcbaok @MitchellYeager6 The fact now farmers don't have the right to repair the machines they use to make a living is ridiculous, the rot is spreading wide open

@overcode @rudolf @dcbaok farmers get treated like trash for all that they do to be completely honest

@MitchellYeager6 @rudolf @dcbaok Yes, so sad. And getting that observation further, it is part of the trend: corporations treating users like products/part-of-products or governments treating its citizens like subjects. And here we are, that's why FOSS matters, we need to move the waves to a better direction :D

@dcbaok @MitchellYeager6 I guess the public image of Bill Gates is just too positive, regardless of the companies actual actions.

@MitchellYeager6 anyone not voting google should really check out Age of Surveillance Capitalism.

@shoeberto i hate google out of principle but ill be checking that one out

@MitchellYeager6 I have been shocked at how frequently I have been shocked in the course of the book. Facebook is bad (real bad) but only because they're so impulsive, brazen, and incompetent. Google is worse because they're professionals.

@shoeberto google is like that evil corporation in every sci fi movie

@shoeberto @MitchellYeager6 it's alright, the results are turning out EXACTLY how I'd rank them lmao

True, Google is more competent and thus their evil is more insidious, but I think we were just lucky that Zuckerberg isn't competent, and if he was, Facebook would be so much more trouble

@MitchellYeager6 It might not be obvious, but Amazon goes way beyond digital services and starts literally being the top second U.S. employer, and we all know the working situation pretty well.

Amazon goes way beyond digital services and starts integrating them into eavesdropping hardware with a full-blown eavesdropping IoT ecosystem, that is slowly getting into everyone's houses (including mine).

Facebook/Meta is a toy now, compared to the magnitudes of what's coming from other tech companies, including Amazon.

@avalos @MitchellYeager6 Can't argue with you on this one, my vote would definitely go to Amazon had I been a US citizen (thank God I'm not).
But I really don't get, how - knowing this about Amazon - you would go ahead and allow their surveillance shit into your private home??

@sigaard @MitchellYeager6 Is that «you» personal, or general? Personally speaking, I couldn't stop my brother from buying the Alexa, I'm not the one who gives orders.

@avalos @MitchellYeager6 sorry, I made an assumption.

Of course, if someone else is installing what ever surveillance hardware in one's home, it's a dilemma. In public spaces, work office... as well

I often feel the urge to speak up to the tech users around me who litter our common space with devices that may or may not be set up to their convenience and my loss of privacy and or info security. But I don't, probably because I don't want to be right and completely alone 😏

@MitchellYeager6 I'm split on Meta and Amazon, but I have to vote Meta.

@MitchellYeager6 objectively probably Meta, but the most dangerous is Apple because it managed to indoctrinate a large segment of the population (honestly surprised they still didn't try to claim they are church to not pay taxes).

No contest.

Amazon has its tradeoffs, super convenient, popular hosting provider, good way of getting techy stuff that brick and mortars don't carry. Bad for its workers and a kinda creepy, but not altogether irredeemable.

Google is super creepy, but they make useful products. Not great as a company, but they're not all bad.

Apple is, not great, but they've been taking some steps in the right direction. Plus, they're a big part of why Facebook is on the defensive. I don't like iGadgets and Macs, but they're tolerable in my book.

I do not have a single positive thing to say about Facebook.

@jforseth210 @MitchellYeager6

Google is becoming pure evil. It is more discreet than Facebook, but wait for it.

For now they have a monopoly on a surveillance web browser and defense contracts. They are already helping to kill people.

@MitchellYeager6 Hmm tough call but I'm going for Amazon due to workers not having time for a piss.

@MitchellYeager6 That's a tough fkn question. I think I'll go with Facebook simply because of their extremely unethical research on sentiment in people's feeds that likely led to several deaths _and that they still published_

@MitchellYeager6 It should be a multiple choice. I don't see any significant difference between them in the level of despicability

@miklo @MitchellYeager6 I will rank them from most evil (w.r.t social & environmental harm) to least, but all these are well into the boycott-worthy level of evil: #Amazon #Cloudflare #Facebook #Microsoft #PayPal #Google #HewlettPackard #ATT #Comcast #Charter1communications #TimeWarner #Sony #Motorola #Apple

@MitchellYeager6 I voted for FB because it disgusts me viscerally, but the others are just as despicable.

@sotneStatue @MitchellYeager6 Meanwhile, GOOGLE has enslaved and manipulated all of humanity,

@MitchellYeager6 All despicable, to me worse are Google for canonicalising surveillance capitalism and Amazon for basically treating their workers as slave labour.

@segnwrisastoika @MitchellYeager6 you're missing biggest distinction between what they do and slave labor
It is in fact, the thing which defines slave labor
Find another scary bad word to describe them

Broke: AmAzOn
Woke: people really out here not picking google
Bespoke: people are really not recognizing that these are all just different arms of the same system, who's primary intent is to crush them into mindless insects with no identity and no soul

@MitchellYeager6 Amazon is the worst. it is easy to avoid the other three if you want to, but not them because they have killed most of the competition. They fuel consumerism on a gigantic scale.

I don't have a credit card. I've never had one. At some point I think all the offers could have gone some way to heating my house back in the day.
Therefore, I don't deal with amazon. Period.
I do buy some things on line and you can probably make an argument that paypal should be on that list too...

@gemlog I don't have one either, but even if I had one, I wouldn't deal with them.
(I don't use paypal either)

@MitchellYeager6 I think google is the most despicable more than Facebook. This is because they force you to use their services for the most basic stuff like using you smartphone and to install application. While this is true for Apple too, Google has it worse because this problem affects device from multiple manufacturers.

@MitchellYeager6 I vote for Amazon because they are the most tangibly most directly responsible for the misery of their employees. Not that they make more misery or damage (a good reason to vote for Meta) than the others, but that I can't understand how anyone in their leadership sleeps at night.

There is a reason why we use expressions like:

#gafam #gafa #faang #fang etc
There are all bad. And it is quite hard to choose.

But in this poll I will go for Amazon due to the work conditions in Amazon warehouses and distribution centers.

And if we go with workers conditions, let's not forget tesla

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