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5.2.0 has been released!

Includes improvements to GUI (a HTML-like rich text element, more styling), graphics (sky rendering API, object shading), tool wear, and more


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Let's keep going with the texture pack 📚 almost done I guess

#minetest #pixelart

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Today I've worked a bit on wood and bricks for the texture pack 🍃
(the building is just an example)

#minetest #PixelArt

A mod jam/competition with the theme "Combat" is being hosted by the Unofficial Discord on the 3rd of April.

Details here:

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So today I've reskinned the taiga in Minetest and worked on some code.

Texture pack WIP, the main goal is to have one of the most lightweight yet aesthetically pleasing texture packs around 🌸

#minetest #pixelart

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So, this quarantine brought me to develop mods for Minetest and to learn Lua. I'm working on a simplified Quake mod with some friends, texture pack included :D
This is just the access system ofc

I hope to support and broaden the FOSS community with this 🍃

(GIF is laggy because PC is old)

#minetest #modding #pixelart

Minetest 5.1.1 has been released:

It contains a number of bug fixes, a network performance improvement, and a crash fix that is important for servers

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So so so deep into #minetest right now. Building a big #solarpunk city with lots of subways and long distance rail. Also made some mountains, and underwater base, farmland with barns and windmills...

NodeCore is a work-in-progress game created using which has 0 GUIs, focusing on immersion, responsive environments, and rich interactions. Crafting is done in the world by placing blocks and using tools

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"Classroom" is a work-in-progress mod by me that allows teachers to manage students. They can perform bulk actions on online, defined subgroups, or individually selected students. More coming soon!

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More voxel models! My husband and I have decided on the two types of lanterns we want in the castle city. We really hope to present something great when he opens his Minetest server for the public. And yes, we did build various lanterns before we found the winners. :D

#minetest #lantern #voxel #3d #3dmodel #night #light #scenery #props #rpg #gamedev #box

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I'll be livestreaming in a few hours with!

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i invite you open #minetest :minetest: instead of #minecraft :minecraft: today, and explore great servers in the built-in serverlist of the client

is now in feature freeze for the 5.1.0 release. This is a period of typically 1 week before the release where only bug fixes and essential maintence is permitted.

Minetest 5.1.0 release candidate 1 is now available, please help by testing:

Minetest 5.1.0 will contain a large number of GUI improvements, including easier element positioning, styling/theming, and a main menu redesign. No formspec replacement though, unfortunately! What's on your wishlist?

We're looking for Minetest-related educational projects and resources to feature on the official website. Please point us to them! They don't have to be in the English language

There's a Minetest challenge in Google CTF 2019, where you need to solve a gigantic mesecons logic network. Here is an awesome video by @LiveOverflow:

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