Our Android client had a short cameo in a Linus Tech Tips video today! As a "cheap Minecraft clone", we take pride in the community and engine we've built (even if it comes without RTX support 😉).

NodeCore is a work-in-progress game created using which has 0 GUIs, focusing on immersion, responsive environments, and rich interactions. Crafting is done in the world by placing blocks and using tools


We're looking for Minetest-related educational projects and resources to feature on the official website. Please point us to them! They don't have to be in the English language

Earlier this month, 6 major Minetest community members travelled to CERN, Switzerland, to create Craft the Web - an educational game about the invention of the World Wide Web.


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Finished those HD shaders and textures I was working on.

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La nouvelle version de mon serveur vient de faire un grand bon d'un coup ces derniers jours. la thématique de la saison : Vikings et Médiéval. Passage en version 5.0.1, déjà presque 100 mods .... la béta privée risque d'arrivée rapidement !

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The perfect complement to a weather mod - Rain Barrels and Wells by Piezo_ allows your ecofriendly build to collect rainwater content.minetest.net/packages/

Today is the World Meteorological Day 2019! Celebrate by trying out one of our many weather mods, for example snowdrift by paramat


You can make the world hexagonal instead of cube-based using a cool new proof-of-concept mod by modder @GreenXenith@twitter.com


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My students are doing an art and tech mashup lesson making a Book Wall of their favorite characters in the app. We've got characters from , , among others.

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Startrek meets ... bastele gerade an einem Mod, den ich "StarTest" nenne. Angefangen habe ich mit dem Boden. Farbwahl nach dem Design von TNG, glaube ich .

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