July - This Month in

Last month, developers worked on releasing 5.6.0, and x2048 started work on post-processing and god rays for 5.7. MeseCraft has an important update, as well as a few interesting mods. Finally, Minetest was shown off at the exploreandlearn@LMZ edutech conference, with talks and workshops.

@Minetest looks awesome, can’t wait to install it on my new system and give it a go…

@Minetest Graphics improvements are nice but I *really* hope it's opt in and doesn't raise system requirements.

@csepp yeah, all fancy graphic effects use progressive enhancement. We will be dropping support for very old hardware, the type that doesn't support OpenGl 2 fully (15+ years), but supporting low end hardware is still important to us

Also, note that while pretty graphics makes for good screenshots, a bigger focus is actually fixing issues with performance and correctness

@Minetest Nice. Also thanks for yall's work on Minetest. UwU

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