5.5.0 will have dynamic soft shadows, with colors! Thanks to 0xLiso for contributing this

@Minetest Dame 950s, that's a lotta tickets and a lot of things to be done. This is gonna be hard on you

@XxAlexXx @Minetest @MinetestVideos What does this even add to the conversation? It's entirely pointless.

@meldrian Yeah that happens a lot, the forums run on low powered hardware unfortunately. celeron55 hasn't got around to fixing it

@Minetest OMG this is the most amazing news ever, thank you ❤️

@icymastodon It's an optional feature, disabled by default. The same contributor is working on performance optimisations now

I have but one question... do they change position according to light source?

@edclayand Shadows are currently only cast by the sun and the moon. Torches, lava, and other artificial sources don't cast shadows, unfortunately - this would require more complex changes

@edclayand So yes, they change angle based on where the sun and moon are

I played back in the day when a mountain's shadow stayed in the same space spawn put it, so... I wondered.

@Minetest "Minetest" is just such an un-sexy name for such a good looking game 😏

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