Wuzzy has released Perlin Explorer, a mod that allows you to test and experiment with Perlin noises for mapgen.

Read more: blog.minetest.net/2022/05/08/A

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Warr1024 has created a 24/7 livestream of his NodeCore server. The livestream is entirely automated, choosing camera angles and players to focus on.

Read more: blog.minetest.net/2022/05/08/A

This weekend, was at the game dev conference in Bologna, Italy, represented by @zughy_boi, Crazyminer, and @_Zaizen_.

Visitors had the chance to play Alter, PRANG, and Mineclone5, and their server AES (Arcade Emulation Server)

has reached 10,000 commits! A commit is a change to the code, and could be a feature, bug fix, or maintenance change

It works out to be 72 commits per month, on average, since Minetest was first started

Another plane has rolled onto the tarmac from Apercy’s hanger. The PA28 is a small passenger plane that can fit up to 4 passengers. Like all the other planes, it is paintable too!

Read more updates at blog.minetest.net/2022/05/08/A

April - This Month in

This month, engine development picks up with regular meetings, NodeCore gets a 24/7 livestream, and the Minetest Blog is now official!


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version 2.0.0 was released today! It's only a technical update, tho.

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I T ' S T I M E F O R S O M E C L E A N I N G 🧹

(21 issues gone in one evening)

@Minetest #freesoftware #videogames #minetest

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@kenobit @Minetest @syntheticstars

✨ Potete personalizzare Minetest da Contenuti > Esplora contenuti in linea. Se volete esplorare a tutto tondo: content.minetest.net/ (che è integrato in Esplora ecc, non c'è bisogno di scaricare a parte)

🎨 Se vi ha turbato il menù, @giov4 e io lo stiamo rifacendo. Allego qualche bozza

🤝 @neurob ha creato una comunità italiana di videogiochi liberi su Matrix, fate un salto! matrix.to/#/#videogiochifoss:m

Spero la diretta sia stata di vostro gradimento :)


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Check this awesome image from minetest at this year's #LibrePlanet conference "Living Liberation!" Are you using MineTest? If so, please share some of your screenshots!

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New blog post: Developing ContentDB - a writeup of how 's content repository was created


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Been playing some #MineTest lately, and I love it so far!
The performance is so much better than what I got with Minecraft Java, and adding mods is also so much easier. And I also love the idea of being able to build games on top of minetest's voxel engine, such as #mineclone2
Can't wait to see what they do with future versions of this project!

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Starting March 10, you'll need a Microsoft account to play Java.
This is it folks, yet another HUGE reason to switch to @Minetest
#Minetest is minecraft equivalent that respects your freedom.
#Minecraft is a proprietary software, which in itself was already a reason to not play it and avoid it, but if you wanted to play it anyway for some reason, at least your account was separated from the big fish #microsoft and their data base. Another push for Microsoft's monopoly.

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