I’m 34 years old, dad of two, ICU-nurse and a hobbyist computer programmer and FOSS-lover.
I just learned about mastodon and I am fascinated by its concept.

Hoping to find some chill people here to talk about my interests!

@Mimmolucio welcome! It's a v chilled place with helpful people. Enjoy!

@Mimmolucio Just be aware that there tend to be a lot of political posts by people who aren't interested in discussing it in good faith. So make sure you take the time to curate your timeline/blocklist. It's worth the effort. And I agree, there are a lot of interesting people and discussion everywhere on here. :akko_excited:

@Mimmolucio welcome, the software community benefits from the varied perspective of people from different backgrounds and expertise, thanks for adding your voice!

@Mimmolucio welcome to the community! I recently got into contributing to FOSS projects, so if there's any insights you have, feel free to share them.

@kmwallio oh don’t misunderstand stand me. I would love to contribute to FOSS-projects, but in reality I’m not that good as a coder to actually do it. I’m coding everyday for at least an hour and hoping to get better so I can contribute...

@Mimmolucio feel free to share what you're learning, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I'm not super skilled myself but love learning and trying to build new things.

Welcome here, and my best wishes for you to stay safe in your day job!

@normandc Thanks dude, at the moment it’s pretty quite but expecting second wave to hit us hard.
Unrelated: how do I add that Linux-Distro-logo next to my name?

@Mimmolucio type a colon and start typing your distro: `:ubuntu:` and you'll see choices. They basically work like instance specific emoji.

It's more amazing that you can talk with people not just "here" (your instance) but all over the world.

@Mimmolucio Welcome! Are you from Italy? In that case: benvenuto, ti troverai bene qui!

@kriive sono austriaco ma mio padre viene della Sicilia. Parlo un po’ d’italiano

@Mimmolucio Welcome to Mastodon! Have a great time (with us 😁).

@Mimmolucio Hey there! Hello and welcome, I'm happy to talk about kids, computers, and (not so happy) about Covid-19.

@schmidt_fu Cool. Very friendly community here - no comparison to Reddit

@Mimmolucio Yes, depending on the instance. There are haters here, but they need to go on an instance that is less moderated, and can be blocked. It's an interesting experiment!

@Mimmolucio I'm new here too. Does that green circle mean anything special?

@benjaminpaikjones the green circle next to my name? That is the logo of the Linux distribution I am using currently, Linux Mint

@benjaminpaikjones and hi. I’m here for a day now and already had great interactions with other users and felt very welcome!

@Mimmolucio awesome! I think this server is something special too! Now just gotta get family and friends on here >.<


Welcome to the multi-corner concept we are enjoying: the fediverse.

Look around, check the following list of people who seem interesting and search for their posts.

Have fun.

@Mimmolucio hi there! There are cool and very friendly people here. Im Ariel a graphic designer and elder goth from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Algo interested in open source and father of two, too. Welcome!

@Mimmolucio Greetings! I'm 34 years old paid/hobbyist programmer, and my kids are really fluffy. I hope you find some chill people here, and block the ones that are not OK.

@egret until now all I experienced was a warm welcome - thanks

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