Just finished the first of three consecutive 12h shifts on the COVID-ICU. People say my job must suck but I love it. But now —> home, piling away a shitload of snow and then fire up my Linux-Machine, YEEHAWW

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Bit late, i dont thing i've written an introduction on here even though i've created my account in july. Anyways, i'm a 15 year old blind teen from Poland who is a nerd and loves coding, linux, apple, inproving accessibility of open source products and making music. I'm open to people so if you'd like to pm/dm/whatever, feelfree. I'm mostly active on discord stasp#7323 so contacting me there would be your best bet.

Debian 10 might be the most stable operating system I have ever used on any system/device. By stable I mean: once installed and configured there’s absolutely nothing else to do than being productive and not having to care about your os. No errors, no maintenance. It isn’t shiny but it gets out of the way - an under appreciated quality of an os.

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I find the older I get, the more conservative my thoughts are. Not in a political way, but in a computing way. I'm tired of the flashy, shiny 'new' tools. Email works great. Emacs is a beast that handles untold scores of things. Tried and true tools. Simplicity over complexity. Local over remote.

I want my computer to be my bastion in a world becoming more centralized and less user-controlled.

Two things I recently tried out:

Xfce: took me a while to configure it to my needs, but now I like it a lot, I guess I keep it for a while - gorgeous and damn is it fast!

Spacemacs: Woah! I love vi’s editing and emacs insane power - BOOM all two combined! But the best is the shortcuts using the spacebar (hence the name SPACEMACS) - absolute game changer!

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Kindle nerds!

Do you have any tips or tricks on how to make reading old scanned books in PDF on Paperwhite/Oasis better?

e.g. archive.org/details/adisputati

@Mimmolucio Btw. I’m using it for C-Programming. Using the integrated terminal for gcc and gdb.

Not ultra-feature-rich - that’s a plus for me, I like it simple

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I’m a former distrohopper (not anymore since Kubuntu 20.10 - such a great distro!).

Now I’m a text-editor-hopper. I’ve tried all the big ones after being emacs-only-user for a long time.

Currently using Kate with vi-mode. I have to say I’m impressed with its performance and overall look-and-feel. Gonna stick with it for a while.

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Hi all, I'm Nick, love Linux, love FOSS, though am wondering how realistic it is to go full FOSS. Finally moved away from gmail successfully to mailbox.org but found I still went back for google drive/docs since I can't find a privacy alternative that compares. Anyway, look forward to chatting on here.

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Join Prof. Reinhard Genzel's talk in Munich's Physics Colloquium for the 2020 Nobel Prize: Monday, 16 November 2020, 16:15 CET (Zoom 😞)


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I'm noticing guesses my location correctly, even through ...

How is that possible?

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Hi, I'm Igor, system engineer, from France 🥖
It's my first steps on Mastodon.

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I'm Pietro from Italy🇮🇹 , Debian user for long time, first time on a social network.
I'm currently learning to program and I hope to be able to contribute in the world of free open source software!!!😀

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What are your major sources of daily updates? (Hackernews, blogs...)

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In order to fight terrorism in Europe the EU has come up with the idea of forcing services such as Signal to enable law enforcment to access chats. This is basically outlawing secure encryption
Absolute madness not only won't it help, but it will further weaken what is left of privacy inline. This must be stopped!


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@Mimmolucio although the transition in movement controls is still a bit pain painful (I keep hitting ctrl + f and so on)

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After being used to for such a long time I have to admit that is also pretty neat (using it for 3 days now)

What sets apart a geek and a normal person:

I was done coding for the day, manually “beautified” the code and made the editor fullscreen. I’m not even admiring what I coded (tbh it’s was garbage) but how it looked. It was very nice to look at.
Called the wife and told her to look at it: “isn’t it beautiful”. Her response: “Oooookay, cute. Is that everything you wanna show me”.
“Love you - you can leave my office now 😂”

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