There is no point to say that if you have used play store obviously as a system app....
Google privative software with such power .... Is never good ..


But fdroid checks every software it distributes , so unless you use some weird repos ... That software is secure

XD yalitza aparicio , the girl who performed as Cleo ... In Roma

Id rather yalitza won an academy award ... I think even cuaron would prefer it

Uuuuu me... Goverment...on the edge of a war ... Will do so stupid thing that anyone could discover it just to avoid people rise against with(the us puppet) Juan guaido.

You are too right... But the true is that "Linux" sounds much cooler XD

But this is offline ... On online passwords are more variables involved

I don't know why people is obsessed with apple uis

Mexico is always loosing with that perverse neighbor we've got .... I can't stand their hypocrisy


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