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Got my first shot yesterday, fuck me my arm hurts.

Its 1AM. Why do I always find myself listening to increasingly louder music as the night goes on?

How can I possibly get sleepy listening to... lemme see...

Zardonic - AntiHero

(Your welcome btw if you like Drum n Bass n Metal)

Moving into a new long term place in 3ish months.

Let's talk about Home Labs & Automation.

I'm going to be building my own Nas server, probably raspi pi 4 powered. This will handle all my storage/archiving needs as well as running my servers.

CoreDNS and/or pi-hole/adguard
Something for media(mainly video streaming) streaming.
Miniflux (rss)
Maybe Firefly-III
portainer w/ misc servers/services
Probably traefik for ingres

Hmmm... more to come.

So I was at one point thinking of self hosting a music server.

Recently I just ended up deciding to simply use syncthing to sync my music library from my pc to my phone since I had about 59gb unused on my phone. Now that's 10gb of 320kbps mp3s.

For music players I'm using cmus and black player.

Black player works well and looks good.

Personally, I have a syncthing folder on my computer and phone that stores them (and syncs any new one added).

Both have passwords/biometrics for login.

My synching folder currently isn't encrypted but I do want to find a way to do that, that doesn't require remembering yet another password. Maybe I'll get a Yubikey for this.

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2FA recovery codes have always urked me.

They are the antithesis of 2FA as they are override codes.

Do you store them? If so, how?

My dad has a PowerBook g4. He heard that Linux could revive old machines, so I helped him get Lubuntu installed on there.

Here's a post I made detailing the process.

So today I learned that theres more checks in place for an HTTP request than there are a bank transfer.

With HTTP first you establish a connection, (as it uses TCP under the hood) then a payload is sent.

A bank transfer doesn't check that the bank account exists before sending it. Very much akin to a physical address, the payload gets sent then when someone realizes that address doesn't exist, the money is sent back.

Why do we do this exactly? Can we not improve this at all?

Day of the flight from Italy to the usa.

I didn't manage to get out of my shorty apartment without something going wrong.

Elevator got to the bottom floor, doors didn't open.

A swift "this is sparta" got this shit open. Woke some people up at 6... Sorry not sorry. Not missing my flight.

Negative covid test. Yay.

Would not have been fun considering I bought a 666€ flight for tomorrow morning. (too late to reschedule had I gotten a positive result)

🇮🇹 ✈️🇺🇸
Only took 22 years, but I'm moving to the US.

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Just want to point out that mastodon and especially fosstodon is the most friendly social media i've ever used. It's that great

Been a while since I tooted.

To my metal friends, I think Judas Priest is my favorite "classic metal" band. Firepower being my favorite album, with Painkiller and Screaming for Vengeance coming next.

Screaming for Vengeance is actually the track that exposed me to JP. (Particularly Lee Prisby's cover)

I'm starting to get addicted to Typescript's Generics.

Idk how I'm going to learn golang after this.

I was lost in thought staring out the window. Imagining what the code and abstraction model would look and feel like.

I was just "thinking in code".

But that got me thinking; how would you explain this experience to a non-programmer?

Welp, I just lost a my favorited articles and rss feeds while trying to patch a missing cert file inside of miniflux's build. I wonder if it has a drop db it there or something...

While I'm mildly infuriated (in general and at myself) this time I can properly create a mount point for this container instead of using the ones created by in /var

Switching to bitwarden after using LastPass for ages. They've recently nuked their free tier.

I've recently started using more passphrases as I got tired of mistyping "cryptic" passwords.

Ignore my really bad fail with the host machine name :(
metru@metru-g752 was meant to be metru@g752

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