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Please help @stux maintain all of his awesome open-source online services by donating a few bucks!

His monthly bills are exploding and he needs to shut some services down due to a lack of funding:

Consider buying him a digital coffee on ❤️

#FundStux #CoffeeForStux

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Goddamn.. our monthly electric and gas bill is over €185 per month.. :amaze:

I think I gotta shut down our home server including PeerTube.TV and Stux.Chat.. I would love to keep it all running but I simply can't.. will remain ofc but I gotta cut some costs somewhere :blobcatscared:

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To all the #FreeSoftware and #opensource contributors and activists out there, past and present:

Thank you, you rock.

Without your efforts, I wouldn't be where I am today.

As an update to ’s situation, they finally replied back to my comment after 3 days basically saying that they have made a blog post about it. The blog post which dates back to 2021-10-05 states that OpenSSH update has been released on 2021-09-26 and they are working on it

Did you get it? A multi million dollar company acknowledges the issue with their main business after 9 days in a blog post, and they haven’t even have an ETA on solution after 17 days!!

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Please toot about your experience or write a blog post.

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Please, don't panic: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has been published on October 12, 1979.

Exactly 42 years ago 🙊


And this contradicts with the previous toot, and it confirms my comment on your previous toot.

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"Diving deep into : a closer look at its internals" upcoming talk by Nico Alt.

Upcoming live stream at tomorrow October 13 around 16 pm UTC during the meetup in .

During that same meetup the xmpp client will be explained and questions answered too. More info:

Streaming URL will be published in this xmpp room first:

I have few suggestions for :

1. adding some privacy-friendly parts in the "Get in touch!" section to also educate your audience. For example under twitter add your mastodon account, under discord add your Matrix account, etc.

2. in the "Get in touch!" section, the envelope icon points to your website and not any email address!

3. let the user select text on your website. This way people can feel more like home and less restricted.


I haven't. I just made the bug report with some fun analytics to basically show how far off some of the items are from what users are expect to find them:



Thanks for the link :+1:, I checked it but all I can see is about the codes for the recording and validating. there is no code for the main website. Nevertheless, I will create a bug report and see how things develop.

Does anyone know how I can contact Mozilla Common Voice to tell them to sort the language names based on their actual names rather than the ISO language codes?

I was trying to find "Persian" and didn't find it among p* and then I tries to find "Farsi" and didn't see it among F* and then unexpectedly I found Persian among F* entries. Also Look at Welsh, German, and Spanish.

This is an easy fix but I don't know how I can reach them.

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The way some websites inform their users about cookies reminds me of this conversation from the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy:

#gdpr #privacy #cookies

It’s all because of that 0.2 kwh that make the difference 😂😂



What?!?! The x in normal mode “delete (cut) character”

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We wish Apple had listened to more voices before deciding to scan our phones. We’ve brought some groups together that need to be heard. Join us on Oct. 12:

@trhr Noice! 👍 I myself work with massive data (machine learning in bioinformatics), but I hardly ever fill up that much swap. Well, tbh I have once only filled 96GB RAM and had to move to using swap but used only about 20GB.

@trhr what it a simulation or the data you were using was massive?


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