@codeberg I have a question for you: Is there a way to search public repos based on their language? From time to time I have the urge to contribute to an opensource repo in the languages I know and it would be nice to be able to search based on language. For example on Github one can use `language:R` to search for language.

I'm proud to present our latest publication published in journal, titled "Stable Iterative Variable Selection"


The method is named "sivs" and is already available on CRAN and on GitHub under GPLv3:


Enjoy and happy coding 👍🏼🍻

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The biggest issue with is that despite of all the restrictions and limitations (specific data classes and etc.) and making the developer hating the game, it does not enforce posting a valid link to a public git repo on a git platform in which package users can report bugs or create pull requests! How dumb a system can be?! From where I stand, Bioconductor is just keep the R community from advancing.

They can spawn a Gitea or Gitlab instance to ease the process, but 🤦‍♂️

If anyone has any questions/struggles about R language () just ask and I’ll try to help. I know R is a bit different from Python, Perl and etc. and StackOverflow might not be that useful if the question is more conceptual rather than syntactical.

Putting it out there just in case.

I’m not new to mastodon but I moved here as the FOSS is close to my heart and this will be me permanent account, hence it is under my name.

As an , I’m wrapping up my PhD in Bioinformatics with focus on applied machine learning. I’m FOSS and Fediverse advocate. I’m also one of the guys behind the Flameshot application.

My main:
- language is R () although python, perl, php, JS are also in my toolkit
- OS is Manjaro
- DE is KDE
- WM is dwm


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