Thanks for covering on epishode 160 in . It is always refreshing to see some influencers like you are vocal about their favorite FOSS apps. 🍻

We have been long working on some features that are very important to our users and we just managed to roll some of them out in v0.10.0, one of which is the ability to modify annotations after the objects have been drawn showcased with some Gifs:


I have emailed @Bountysource twice already about the team and it has been about a month that i haven't heard back. They claimed that they will respond in 24h (screenshot attached) but I haven't received any response to the original message or the follow up one.

1. Does anyone know how they can be contacted?

2. Do you know a better/more responsive alternative?

Our Github repo of the just passed 10K stars ✨ we also released v0.9.0 with tons of improvements.


If you are a QT and C++ dev, or if you are aUI/UX or graphic designer, or if you want to contribute to project, the Flameshot community is very welcoming and appreciates any contribution (within the contribution criteria of course)

Please boost to spread the word.


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