Does anyone know how I can contact Mozilla Common Voice to tell them to sort the language names based on their actual names rather than the ISO language codes?

I was trying to find "Persian" and didn't find it among p* and then I tries to find "Farsi" and didn't see it among F* and then unexpectedly I found Persian among F* entries. Also Look at Welsh, German, and Spanish.

This is an easy fix but I don't know how I can reach them.

After decades, I'm back to using the classic Casio F91-W. Yesterday I finally caved in and bought it for myself 😅 . It has a nice nostalgic feeling to it and reminds me of my early teenage years when this and CA-53W were trendy in middle schools.This goes very well with my Nokia 8110 4G dumb phone.

One of the features in :kdenew: Plasma that has greatly improved my daily work is the "present window" feature of KWin (the KDE window manager) that works very similar to what "exposè" does in MacOS. I have bounded it to a hot-corner that activates this when I push my mouse to that corner of the monitor. These days I use that even more than Alt+Tab.

The amount of customization Plasma allows is mind-blowing and I cannot imagine my life with a restrictive environment ( 👉 :gnome: )

Definitely not a complaint, but I just wonder why the @kde 's official English website has specific and explicit pages for Myanmar (Burmese) language. What is that special about this language that have made the website designer to give them extra attention comparatively? Why not putting it similar to how German, Spanish and other languages are presented? 🤔

P.s: I used Google Translate's language detection to know what language it is. Interesting set of alphabets.

I was interested in reading the code of conduct for my internet provider company and I went through the trouble of digging it out and downloading it. The content of the file and the text is "Board Approved" and "final" and yet literally the first part of the text is missing and has a placeholder!!

What a mess! Their service is crap, their customer service is rude and arrogant, their CEO is apparently procrastinator, and their board is incompetent!

An anti-science religious nuthead sent a spam email to about 500 researchers in my university, as if we don't already have enough ), and has made some typical BS statement. As a response I so much want to do a "reply all" and send the following brilliant text. I wish I knew the author though:

It's okay to have one
It's okay to be proud of it
do not pull it out in public
do not push it on children
do not write laws with it
do not think with it"

@torproject After making donation I realized you have missed the opportunity of asking donors to share this on Mastodon. Please consider asking that too 🍻

emails are a part of shit I have to deal with in daily basis. The amount of time one have to sieve through the damn mailbox to fish-out legit emails from these craps! They are getting so damn cocky that they are not even trying to hide their crappy tracks and the think by using these character substitutions they can bypass the spam filter, but guess what, from now on EVERY NON ENGLISH ALPHANUMERIC CHARACTERS in UTF-8 Unicode will be flagged.

I went back to the project to contribute in the languages I know that I realized females are heavily under-represented. I believe such projects need more attention and contribution from female participants as any tool that is build using these collected data will obviously be more tailored towards male voice, simply because female voluntarily decided not to participate!

Please participate, or later please don't talk about in such tools/data.

I have emailed @Bountysource twice already about the team and it has been about a month that i haven't heard back. They claimed that they will respond in 24h (screenshot attached) but I haven't received any response to the original message or the follow up one.

1. Does anyone know how they can be contacted?

2. Do you know a better/more responsive alternative?

Now that the topic of is heated, it probably worth mentioning similar softwares:

Behold… “ is free software written in C using the GTK+3 toolkit and can be extended using GNU Guile.” It supports “GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, MacOS” and licensed under AGPLv3.

Official website:

Sourcehut git repo:

P.s1: I myself haven’t used it [yet] but I’m very interested and curious to give it a shot.

P.s2: pre-build binaries costs 5£

@codeberg as I'm not you have got the message or have missed it as the SourceHut message was super lengthy. I took a screenshot for your convenience.

It might immediately solve your CI issues and also give the power of SourceHut CI to Codeberg.

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Aside from my trust to Manjaro and Arch repository maintainers, I think it is a wise idea to be safe than sorry and be pro-active about the situation.

I removed from my home computer. I hope a privacy-respecting fork rises from the ashes of this fantastic tool.

For those who want to read more about the situation:

I suggested a friend in Iran to start learning and play with it to understand its power and the flexibility it brings. I sent him some blog posts that has an easy and beginner-friendly tutorial and explanation. Some minutes later I received this 403 error due to his geolocation.

This got me thinking if Docker is then considered as “free” software as this 403 error to my understanding violates the “freedom 0”.

Angry rant about the beggar around the block 

just got a new feature: “begging” which is now interrupting users. I have donated quite a bunch in the early 2021 when people were running away from , but Signal showed that it is essential the same shit but in “privacy” package. Still haven’t seen any audition of the server-side code, devs are not adding competitive features, they didn’t do jack shit in response to the filtering in certain countries other than posting some


I'm very satisfied with the new update of v1.1, but it still has some rough corners (some introduced in this version) that should be ironed out. I hope the bug fixes happen a.s.a.p as these might deter new users from using this awesome tool.

P.s: If you haven't tried Inkscape, just install it and open a PDF in it to get to know its power!

When you are full of crap and try to look cool and yet you have missed the party by a margin of few years!

i saw this comic in a blog post and it has been few minutes that I cannot stop laughing 😂 Randall Munroe is super brilliant and his brilliance is extra visible in his comics.

Does anyone know a good way to make git-aware? I want it to show the file status (preferably in a separate column on the left side of the file names.

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