Historical moment:
First federated comment to a gitea instance from another instance:

We are 🤏 close to a fully federated ActivityPub based git platform. All we need is federated PRs and some level of control access to keep bots and trolls away from flooding the comments

@Mehrad Amazing news!
When I first heard about ActivityPub, I was like "imagine how cool it was to comment on a YouTube video using your Twitter account, ActivityPub let's you do something very similar to that". It turns out, it will become something even more big than that.
We have a bright decentralized future ahead of us!

@nicemicro One thing that I love about is that the user has the freedom to take/migrate their accounts to another instance. This feels more like a real life where at some point of time I'm a member of a certain community (e.g my university), and then later without loosing my identity, I can migrate away when IRL I'm out of that community as well. I hope @gitea also brings this aspect to life in their implementation.


@Mehrad @nicemicro @gitea @ta180m Not having touched it yet, I'd imagine more single user gitea instances and single project instances (where all repos need to be related to the project). Moving instances would be unlikely in this model.

And I realize most people are probably just going to use some generic instance, but I like my dream.

@Mehrad @nicemicro @gitea Yeah, we're currently working on a way to migrate users and repos across instances inspired by what Mastodon does. (, scroll down to the migrations section)

@Mehrad on access control:

Maybe it would be an idea to only allow comments for mutual followers? Not sure whether this is doable or feasible...

@bortzmeyer @Framasoft

What about it? It is decentralized (as decentralized as git allows), but it is not federated. You cannot send pull requests or bug reports from your instance to other instances. You have to create an account there and do these there. Also having ActivityPub support means that one can potentially follow releases and other events from their Mastodon, Plaroma, ... software.

Gitlab now is what Gitea was before this feature was merged

@Mehrad @Framasoft I know, no need to explain the basics. My question was: is there some similar ongoing work for Gitlab?

Sorry, based on your one-liner question I had no option but to assume an explanation is needed 😬

Anyways, I remember that there were some chatter about this quite some time ago. I don't remember if it was on @forgefed or elsewhere, or perhaps on Gitlab Community. I just tried my luck with their dev repos:


@Mehrad Bruh, use e-mail and mailing lists and you have instant automatic federation. Linux developers have known that for decades.

Follow the example of

@avalos mailing list is the worst thing imho that has ever happened to software development. Yes, it is federated, but it is from 1837 technology of telegraph. For that reason, I strongly believe sourcehut is not enough for this century. I have used it and I sincerely don't like it. The concept is cool for a small limited community, but is not going to cut it for a wide community with various backgrounds and skillsets. But I'm glad you find it useful 👍

@Mehrad Are you implying that old means bad? What's not “enough for this century” about SourceHut in your opinion? Simply that you don't like it?

Granted, there's a need for better e-mail collaboration tools, but that's solvable. You can abstract the complexities of e-mail workflows with pretty and modern looking software. SourceHut does only the server-side part of this job.

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