@en One question, how did you add Text2Speech to your blog? This is a cool accessibility feature that I'm willing to add to my blog too

@Mehrad There are two implementations. The default uses the browser SpeechSynthesis API ( The optional implementation uses Google Cloud's Text-To-Speech API to generate MP3s.

@jle Do you have a working example of the SpeechSynthesis? even their demo pages in the following Github repo doesn't work on Firefox or Vivaldi:

@Mehrad Check my about page, there it uses the SpeechSynthesis API: What OS do you use? In my experience it works fine on Windows and Android, but the experience on Linux sucks because it uses espeak by default.

@jle Yeah, I cannot even play your About page. I use Manjaro Linux. I didn't think that this is platform-specific!

I tried your About page on my phone and it worked just fine. Is it possible that it has some sort of dependency that I don't have installed on my Manjaro?

@Mehrad Yes, the browser uses the OS's Text-to-Speech engine.

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