Isn’t it interesting how ’s statements and actions are pointing at 180 degrees opposite directions? Especially this quote from their code of conduct and their behaviour towards their users and other devs:

> The GNOME community is dedicated to providing a positive experience for everyone



They have stripped existing features, reduced customisability, going head to head with some devs (if I remember correctly Solus/budgie and System 76 can be good examples), nepotism/positive discrimination towards their own softwares and imposing breaking restrictions on non-gnome softwares, …

The list if long and I’m not the most informed person about all of these. Two things though is certain: I’m super glad that I haven’t used it since gnome2 and stopped donating to them many years ago.

@arh I have been redirected all the donations proudly to KDE and LibreOffice and other softwares and tools. I personally am getting more and more sensitive to donate to GTK-based softwares as the only one I use is Meld diff tool. The Gnomes bad attitude have clearly put it’s mark on the way I see anything that is developed on

@arh no problem, but I wonder if you agree to any of these points or you think they are completely baseless

@Mehrad I've not experienced this nor I've seen news about it but what I know is that GNOME develops free software so I have full control over what I run on my computers. So whether they have bad behavior or not, I own my computing. I support your decision to donate somewhere you feel more comfortable and I condemn any bad behavior.

@arh I respect your perspective. I just want to add that DEs like KDE, Xfce, and even dwm, AwesomeWM, and bspwm are all free (libre) softwares. So I personally don’t see any point with sticking with the option that has toxic attitude. Nonetheless, I fully support the freedom of choice and hence I fully support you and other Gnome users’s choice. 😊

@Mehrad I understand. However: when the campaign against Stallman started, I started to boycott those who signed that hate letter against him but one of my FSF friends told me something worth thinking about. He said if we don't use a program because the author has some shitty behavior, it'll be a model for others to stop using free programs because some free activists have some shitty behavior. I use GNOME because it suits my need and it's free software, I don't approve of /next

@Mehrad /previous their behavior or I won't donate to them, but using their program is OK with me.

extreme example: would you reject mastodon for merging changes developed and contributed by trump's social media project? (is there an equivalent of godwin's law but s/hitler/trump/ yet? :-)


I do believe that the Code of Conduct is being respected. Can you show examples of behaviour which you think violate the code of conduct?

@lionirdeadman yes I can, but for certain reasons I should let this be. You can google and see how have made the experience non-positive for many users.

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