I just received an email from @feneas that they are setting a meeting to dismantle the association and if it is agreed to by all members, all their federated services will be most probably turned off.

So now I need a new home for my main Matrix account.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Of course I’m willing to pay/donate annual fee. Also privacy and security are important to me.

P.s: No I want to use the federation and not

Since @feneas is dismantling and I really rely on Matrix for communication, after considering multiple sevres including (suggested kindly by @ducheng), (suggested kindly by @wuwei),, multiple private instances of my friends and colleagues, I finally zeroed down on @kde and as I'm already donating to KDE, I feel that I'm perhaps not an extra burden on their instance. So you can contact me via:

@Mehrad @feneas

super fast with a friendly community, and a 300MB upload limit

@ducheng @Mehrad @feneas Hi Du Cheng, thanks for, I will take a look as there's lots there. Not sure if it helps Mehrad.

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