Niceee! Github has brought in the command pallet. This is awesome. I think majority of GUI software need to implement command pallet hopefully with the same uniform keyboard shortcut.

Software categories who should consider this imho: are
- browsers (similar to what Vivaldi has done)
- text editors and IDEs (e.g Kate)
- photo editors (e.g Krita)
- video editors
- file browsers
- chat applications (e.g Element, @dino)
- music players (e.g @nuclear, Amarok, Cantata)
- PDF editors (e.g Okular)

I think @gitea and ultimately @codeberg can also plan bringing the command pallet feature which is very useful and handy. Perhaps it would also help with the server load as users don't load multiple pages to navigate but rather use the command pallet to jump to repos and issues with a very minimal Ajax requests to the server.

Wish I knew how I could help though.

Nice idea, feel free to fire a feature request at Codeberg or directly to the Gitea maintainers.

@codeberg @gitea

Surprisingly no one have created feature request for command pallet during the past two days (or at least I didn't find any). I created a feature request ironically on Github for having this feature on Gitea:

I tried to be comprehensive and add some examples, but still, I don't know how else I can help as I'm not a Go dev. So let me know what help might be needed and I'll be happy to help.

@Mehrad @codeberg it may exist under a different name such as “keyboard shortcuts”. As for being hosted on GitHub we have already migrated most of our repos to, and are actively working on the last one.


@gitea @codeberg

But there is a drastic huge difference between keyboard shortcuts and command pallet. Basically shortcuts is a limited set of functions and actions maps to a key binding that the user should remember be heart, where as command pallet is a fuzzy search box that can call actions, but it can also accept complex multi-step commands with some arguments and also can help in navigation. A command pallet is potentially an ad-hoc CLI interface inside a GUI.

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