It seems have forgot to update to OpenSSH 8.8 and as the result I lost my CLI access to my repos (public and private). I checked and the repos I have on and @codeberg work just fine and as expected. I'm thinking of moving 3 of my main repos to @codeberg . Does anyone knows an easy way top do so? Two of my repos have Wiki, and one of them has few posted issues which I prefer to bring over with the code.


As an update to ’s situation, they finally replied back to my comment after 3 days basically saying that they have made a blog post about it. The blog post which dates back to 2021-10-05 states that OpenSSH update has been released on 2021-09-26 and they are working on it

Did you get it? A multi million dollar company acknowledges the issue with their main business after 9 days in a blog post, and they haven’t even have an ETA on solution after 17 days!!

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