Aside from my trust to Manjaro and Arch repository maintainers, I think it is a wise idea to be safe than sorry and be pro-active about the situation.

I removed from my home computer. I hope a privacy-respecting fork rises from the ashes of this fantastic tool.

For those who want to read more about the situation:

@Mehrad thats a bummer, I was just thinking about learning Audacity.. What use does a DAW even have for tracking data? Content sharing?


They previously claimed that they want to know how the software is used so that they can tailor it better to the audience. Now they have went way overboard imho.

In my opinion any opt-out telemetry is a sign of bad design (unless it has a very very very legit rational behind it), and any telemetry that would be impossible to be turned off is direct violation of user-rights.

@Mehrad also... reading about how the current maintainers had (almost) every contributor sign a CLA. Just sad.

You can use [sox](, the Swiss Army knife of sound processing programs. :)


My use case is usually either labelling the track for machine leaning or seeing the graphs and some visual cutting and concatenation to remove recording artifacts. Sox, although looks powerful, is not GUI and a bit away from my use case.

I also have a general issue with whatever that is version controlled on SVN, esp. Sourceforge. I never had good smooth experience with Sourceforge or the project on Sourceforge. Basically I am hesitant to even try the software if it is on SF. 😬

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