This is a nice read for Fosstodon members and a must read for anyone else imho:

**How I Fought To Graduate Without Using Nonfree Software**

It has always baffled me how my university is so strongly dependent on proprietary software (Microsoft servers, MS Outlook, MS Windows, MS Office, Zoom, even the stupid kanban board is proprietary!). Every time I raised the issue, administration didn’t cared to consider change.

Thanks @ahangarha for bringing this to my attention.

@Mehrad @ahangarha Already had the article, now read it. It is interesting and good that people like these exists

@Mehrad the main non-free software for MOST people is a word processor. Libre just isn't cutting it without demanding students not use word in academia (enforcing Libre)


It is dead simple: universities should demand theses to be submitted in .odt and .pdf format or latex and pdf. But unfortunately the universities are those that play dumb, they pay billions on Microsoft products instead if enforcing open document formats and FOSS solutions.

@Mehrad Concur! (but not with PDF, sometimes you might need something editable)


This is my approach:

“Hybrid PDF (embed ODF file)
This setting enables you to export the document as a .pdf file containing two file formats: PDF and ODF. In PDF viewers it behaves like a normal .pdf file and it remains fully editable in LibreOffice.”

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