The audacity of adding to !

Gist of this PR:

- privacy
- good code
+ Universal Google Analytics
+ Yandex Metrica

There are two things that scares me:

1. That 7+1 people who thought this is a good way forward for a FOSS project

2. The fact that Audacity have had only 843 issues+PRs

@arran the reason low PR+issues scares me is that in a little project I’m contributing () we have almost double that number, plus the whole project was dormant from 2018 to 2020 and we revived it in August 2020. I expected a more mature and well-known FOSS project has more contributions.

@Mehrad Could it be Audacity moved from another VCS and lost history? Or recently moved to GH.. It's an old project.

@arran You are right to some extent. The Github repo is about 10 years old (screenshot). But even for a 10-year-old project, <900 issue+PR might be an issue.

@Mehrad As I know Audacity was acquired by a company

That's make me doubt about many things and we just have to wait for the real intentions of that company.

I don't know much about the commit request and I barely read but Google Analytics, seriously?

@jrballesteros05 @Mehrad I wasn’t aware of this “acquisition”, whatever that means for an #opensource project. It certainly casts doubt on the future of Audacity and is undoubtedly behind the recent nonsense PR. I don’t use this software intensively but I hope there are alternatives out there should the PR get merged.

@ilyess @Mehrad I don't use intensively either but when I had to do something with sound, Audacity was the first tool I used to use, so It piss me off these kind of behaviors.

I'm sure there will be a fork if the merge that code but It would be a pity if that company screw Audacity. Anytime a company buy a open source project there is always things to worry, always.

@Mehrad @jrballesteros05 Every. Single. Time. Because the acquiring company makes an “investment” by buying the open source project. Who says investment says return. Next order of business is almost immediately “how do we make this profitable?”. That’s just how corporate companies work. #foss projects need to stay free and supported by the community. I love #audacity for the times I had to rely on it and I’ll be sad to see it die.

@ilyess @jrballesteros05

The best form of symbiosis between a FOSS and corporation is what we have in .

In Flameshot we collaborate with . Basically they have their fork and they develop on that and they create PR to merge their changes to the main repo or they pull the changes from main repo to their fork. This way they are implementing the feature they want for their corporate use, but they give back clean code to the community. Win-win situation.

@Mehrad @ilyess The problem it's that mostly companies don't give a shit about ethics, even the company I work because they can do whatever they can just to get money and I am not overreacting. The worst thing many people see this as something good when it isn't.

I really wish all the companies were like you mentioned but the reality is what I mention. I believe I wouldn't server to be entrepreneur, I saw who those people don't have any scruples to win a business.

@ilyess @Mehrad

Just save this toot.


- They want to put telemetry but it's disabled by default.

- Defenders: Nothing is wrong, it's disabled by default.

6 months later:

Telemetry will be enabled by default and people must disabled if they don't want.

Defenders: Why are you mad, you can disable it.

1 year later:
Telemetry is enabled by default and there is no way to disabled.

Defenders: Who cares it was not the default option.

It's a offline software for gods sake.

@edgren This change is not merged yet. Feel free (pun intended) to use it. 😊

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