Checkout my new repo named `dmenu_shot`! I made it because some Flameshot users wanted to do some quick image manipulation s on the screenshot they take without opening Krita or Gimp. I myself also wanted to trim the extra black space around the thing that I’m taking screenshot from.

In this link you can see the current implemented actions:

@Mehrad is there a reason why the second screenshot is in a poor quality? Zooming in doesn’t tell me how well the background has been separated from the text. Especially inside alphabets like a, b, d, o, q being the notorious ones

I didn't want to upload heavy high-res images on the git repo:

If you want to see the real quality, you can either
- just install the dmenu_shot and git it a shot yourself
- send me URL of an image with white background and I will give you back the background removed version (probably in Dropbox or GDrive and zipped to prevent any image compression)

@Mehrad Looks great. Temped to make a Grim, Rofi fork.

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