#signal server is now officially closed source, making it de facto a worse-looking telegram.


@danielinux @mmu_man That’s just not how it works.

While I agree that this is sad, something is not closed source just because the code is not public.

@danielinux @mmu_man To be more clear : there’s nothing in the (A)GPL (or any other common FLOSS licence) that requires the code to be public.

The only thing is that the code must be shared with users that ask for it.

@Arcaik @mmu_man

The problem is not just an AGPL violation here, even though the license explicitly requires to show the code if you are providing a service on top of it. According to AGPL-3, if you are using the service you are the user. Good luck anyway submitting such a request to them at this point.

The actual problem is that #signal is no longer willing to publicly share the sources of their server platform, which is what #signalapp users criticized the most about others in the past, #telegram in particular.

@danielinux @Arcaik @mmu_man

AGPL applies to any third party using signal's server code. Since signal owns that code, i don't think they are bound by its terms. As far as i can tell, they did not accept any pull requests from outsiders either.

@guenther @Arcaik @mmu_man

That is fair if the code is 100% owned by signal.

But, please follow me on this: since nobody is supposed to run #signal servers but themselves, you would agree that the AGPL label is used a mere marketing billboard. As @IngaLovinde correctly pointed out in this thread, it already did not guarantee that what you see is what you get as service.

Today all the doubts about the actual software running on the server side are gone. You can be sure that they won't share their sources, so you cannot know what they are running.

@danielinux @guenther @mmu_man @IngaLovinde > since nobody is supposed to run #signal servers but themselves

Who said this? They refuse 3rd party applications on their infrastructures, vut AFAIK they don’t care about people running their own servers.


@Arcaik @danielinux @guenther @mmu_man @IngaLovinde they have opposed decentralisation. This means they don’t want others to run the servers other than

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