Our Github repo of the just passed 10K stars ✨ we also released v0.9.0 with tons of improvements.

If you are a QT and C++ dev, or if you are aUI/UX or graphic designer, or if you want to contribute to project, the Flameshot community is very welcoming and appreciates any contribution (within the contribution criteria of course)

Please boost to spread the word.

I’m glad that the software I’m contributing to is getting adopted by more users. Seeing the software you are helping grow and get popular is an amazing feeling. 🤓

@Mehrad Flameshot is a great tool and one that I use an an almost daily basis...great work, keep it up ☺

@grax I appreciate your kind comment. There are others who are doing the heavy lifting regarding the codebase. I don’t know C++ and I have limited experience with Qt, therefore, I’m more of a
- community manager/triage guy
- organising the issues to save time from the main devs
- documentation contributor
- AUR maintainer (very recently)

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