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I just realized I posted my last post about 1.5 years ago, so here is an updated version:

I’m wrapping up my PhD in Bioinformatics with focus on applied Machine Learning, and specifically feature selection. I’m FOSS and Fediverse advocate. I’m also one of the guys behind the Flameshot application.

My main:
- Language is R () although Python, Perl, Rust, and some JS are also in my toolkit (bash is a given)
- OS is Manjaro :manjaro:
- DE is KDE :kdedark:

Please boost for reach: If anyone has experience with this kind of software, I'd really like these issues fixed. We use Mesh Central for remote access to software, and it's much more affordable than the accessible remote software that's $1000 per month. But, I can't use it for what I need it for the most. Issue link:

It really hurts that software cannot be updated via SSH! I don't understand how this can be a useful "feature"! What is wrong with administration of your software over SSH?!

We’re giving away free True Wireless Stereo earbuds with every purchase of a Fairphone 4 or 3+...but only if you need them! 😉

So, if you already have great earbuds, make them last. If you need a new pair, they're on us. 🎶

Offer ends 15th September!

@frankie password managers are a single point failure for your entire online life, so it's important to choose one that is secure, auditable, and incentivized to be transparent. I think that narrows your list down to just BitWarden, IMHO.

Remote users in federated #Gitea finally have profile pictures! Example:

The last repos I had on are now fully transferred to other platforms including . The @codeberg migration tool is amazingly snappy and super easy to use. Basically it took careful selection of what goes to what platform, and then running the following on all the local instances:

git remote set-url origin

I also deleted my essential repos from . Now they can save all those spaces they need.

My ~/.ssh/config file is very precious to me (saves me lots of time and does few things automagically like port forwarding, remote command, ...) but I'm not sure if it is a god idea to add it to my dotfiles git repo. What do you think? Do you also think that this is a security risk? After all, it contains IPs, usernames, and correct ports. All these servers does not accept password and only work with keys, almost all of them are in a DMZ and needs VPN connection or physical access to network.

Sad that Signal don't offer a PWA instead of their Electron app even more now that we have seen (again) in the black hat in USA electron is a security nightmare.

If a linux dev want to create a native version it's welcome :)

Finished writing the fastest Fourier transform in the world. Utterly destroys FFTW on a low-end ARM chip, and is still sometimes twice as fast as FFTW on M1s.
1300 lines of handwritten assembly.

I quite like Sudoku, and recently I was introduced to . It is very challenging, but the solving logic is not very far from sudoku. I just managed to solve my first game.

I would argue that it is more challenging than sudoku, although it would be interesting to know if there is actually a way to calculate the difficulty of each game and compare.

It is under GPL-2.0+, the UI is relatively customizable, and it is available in most Linux repos:

There are two websites that I use quite frequently to arrange meetings and calls when people are in different timezones:


I wonder if there is is a alternative I can use. It would be a bonus if it can produce a custom URL for the countries/cities similar to what WorldTimeBuddy can produce.

I wonder why @kde is using and not using the issues section of the Gitlab instance they have. Bugzilla does not have a good and powerful search and filtering, it does not have user-friendly UI/UX, it does not support markdown, everything is considered a "bug" even if it is feature request (KDE people have create a "wishlist" severity to bypass this), it is completely disconnected form the code and git commits.

I strongly suggest migrating if the reason is because bugzilla is legacy.

there is a virus with a very interesting name: Epstein–Barr virus (EBV). There are so many puns that are blowing my mind. From the name (William Barr & Jeffrey Epstein [1]) to some other stuff [2]:

- "is one of the nine known human herpesvirus types"

- "Infection with EBV occurs by the oral transfer of saliva[18] and genital secretions."

- "In 1963, a specimen was sent from Uganda to Middlesex Hospital to be cultured."



Oh, hey! You can overwrite encrypted files in ZIP archives!

$ echo true | tee file1 > file2
$ zip -e -P pass file1 file2
$ echo lies > file1
$ zip -u file1
$ unzip -o -P pass
$ cat file1 file2

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OSMAnd is spyware that leaks your travel history to the OSMAnd developers, even if you have analytics/telemetry turned off!

This unethical and consent-violating data leak exists in both the iOS and Android versions. It's not an accident - they are deliberately phoning home with a unique identifier.

Dear relay operators,

Tor 0.4.6.x reached end of life and relays running that version will soon be rejected from the Tor network. Please upgrade your relay as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help powering Tor.

Hey all :

I am writing this asking for your support to help expand the project. Now that the Desktop/Laptop version has reached its potential, I am looking on expanding it to the SteamDeck. With your help and support this can become a reality.

P.S : Friday's my 42nd Birthday 🎉🎊 🎂

Feel free to support us on the below platforms :

- PayPal :
- Patreon :

Thanks in advance to all that contribute 🙏❤️

5.4 have added some nifty features. The one that I really found interesting is the new "Copy Link to Highlight" item in the right-click menu. It creates a link directly to the part of the page/text that you have selected with mouse. Super handy. For example this is the link to part of the text of their release page:

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