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I’m not new to mastodon but I moved here as the FOSS is close to my heart and this will be me permanent account, hence it is under my name.

As an , I’m wrapping up my PhD in Bioinformatics with focus on applied machine learning. I’m FOSS and Fediverse advocate. I’m also one of the guys behind the Flameshot application.

My main:
- language is R () although python, perl, php, JS are also in my toolkit
- OS is Manjaro
- DE is KDE
- WM is dwm

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It looks like GNOMEs anti-feature crusade is still going strong. They have this time removed the option to tile, zoom, centre, scale, fill and to span your desktop wallpaper.

I guess it makes sense though. It's less code to maintain, and it's not like the employees of Redhat should be spending time customizing their desktop anyway.

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Flameshot is a free open source screenshot app for Linux, Mac and Windows. You can follow at:

➡️ @flameshot

The website is at

Flameshot does more than just capture the screen, it also includes editing tools and upload features.

#FlameShot #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Apps #App #Screenshot #Screenshots

“Common sense and critical thinking are endangered traits.”
-- @codeHaiku

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Everything in this meme except (hopefully) the percentages will age well 🐧😂

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Hey BSD folks,

Do you have any objections to all future development being done in Rust, not C? Yes, maintain older code in C.

For example, all new drivers are written in Rust - and ONLY in Rust, C is rejected.


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is a cross-platform (Linux, MacOS, and Windows) fully :opensource: (GPLv3) software written in C++ and QT. It is feature rich, lightweight, very intuitive Graphical User Interface, highly configurable, and can also be easily used in shells scripts thanks to the Command Line Interface.

As a Free and community-driven project, we are glad to be now a member of :fosstodon: .

As always, any form of contribution is warmly welcome 🤗

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I have been thinking about opening an account for , a popular screenshot tool, to post some announcements and tips and tricks. But considering that we are not as big as Fdroid, I’m not sure if users want to want it.

Should I open an account for Flameshot?

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In LibreOffice 7.2, due in August, Calc can filter by color in Autofilter (both cell background color and text color). Importing from and exporting to OOXML is also supported. Feature implemented by Samuel Mehbrodt at Allotropia –

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🇬🇧 The EU is working to limit the power of corporations like Google and Facebook with the #DigitalServicesAct. We #Pirates want users to be free to choose which content is proposed and which platforms they use.

Read on:

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Oh, hello... could it be that native full-mesh Matrix video conferencing is on the horizon at last?!? featuring a 3x3 matrix of as he demos his brainchild :D

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Thanks for covering on epishode 160 in . It is always refreshing to see some influencers like you are vocal about their favorite FOSS apps. 🍻

We have been long working on some features that are very important to our users and we just managed to roll some of them out in v0.10.0, one of which is the ability to modify annotations after the objects have been drawn showcased with some Gifs:

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PrivacyTools is after a new name! Please submit your name ideas in the link bellow:

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Seen quite a few folk join Fosstodon lately, welcome! If you're new to the Fediverse don't forget to make an post so we can get to know you a little. Or, you know, just lurk like a pro.

I'm proud to present our latest publication published in journal, titled "Stable Iterative Variable Selection"

The method is named "sivs" and is already available on CRAN and on GitHub under GPLv3:

Enjoy and happy coding 👍🏼🍻

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Here's a little thing that may not be obvious to many people....

When you install an open-source app from Google Play or the Apple app store, there is no guarantee that what you install actually matches the public code.

@fdroidorg are doing a great service. They independently build the public source code for apps from scratch, review for common issues, and publish their builds. Thanks to "reproducible builds" it's possible to verify they do not tamper with the code.

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Slack, Discord, WhatsApp, iMessage, Signal, Facebook Messenger, Teams, Instagram, TikTok, Hangouts, Twitter, Skype - How many IM tools do you use? Why don't they all talk to each other?

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