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I’m not new to mastodon but I moved here as the FOSS is close to my heart and this will be me permanent account, hence it is under my name.

As an , I’m wrapping up my PhD in Bioinformatics with focus on applied machine learning. I’m FOSS and Fediverse advocate. I’m also one of the guys behind the Flameshot application.

My main:
- language is R () although python, perl, php, JS are also in my toolkit
- OS is Manjaro
- DE is KDE
- WM is dwm

I’m planning to use a GitHub Action to build based on PKGBUILD and the push to the repo. Has anyone done this or knows someone who have done similar thing? Any suggestion or tip is appreciated as it most probably save me hours of banging my head against the wall.

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Announcing my latest open source project, in collaboration with @carl

🌵 Cactus Comments - Federated web comments, based on the Matrix protocol.


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📣 Starting this month, we're running a campaign to increase the number of Snowflake proxies run by volunteers. Snowflake is a new way to defeat internet censorship bundled in Tor Browser Alpha. You can help users in censored countries to connect to Tor by running a Snowflake proxy!

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If you're thinking of learning to code because you want a job in software development, here's a list that measures popularity of various languages. It's imperfect, but still useful. Javascript and Python are the most popular here.

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EU + encryption + privacy 

20 people have signed a petition at the European Parliament to vote against the adoption of an EU Council's resolution to weaken encrypted communications. Read the Council's resolution here:

Residents in EU member states are invited to support the petition here:


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Flameshot 0.9 Release Brings in Global Shortcut Menu, Latest Uploads, JPEG Support, and More

#linux #screenshot #flameshot

As much as I believe is ugly and the package review process is outdated, brutal, and most importantly unfriendly, it is at least functional. Every time I have to grab a package from , I cringe as I know I have to go through bunch of garbage text and PDFs and most probably I will end up diving into the code and figure out what is what myself rather than getting the info I need from the Bioconductor. A package repository should NOT BE ON THE WAY. learn from

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The biggest issue with is that despite of all the restrictions and limitations (specific data classes and etc.) and making the developer hating the game, it does not enforce posting a valid link to a public git repo on a git platform in which package users can report bugs or create pull requests! How dumb a system can be?! From where I stand, Bioconductor is just keep the R community from advancing.

They can spawn a Gitea or Gitlab instance to ease the process, but 🤦‍♂️

I’m glad that the software I’m contributing to is getting adopted by more users. Seeing the software you are helping grow and get popular is an amazing feeling. 🤓

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Our Github repo of the just passed 10K stars ✨ we also released v0.9.0 with tons of improvements.

If you are a QT and C++ dev, or if you are aUI/UX or graphic designer, or if you want to contribute to project, the Flameshot community is very welcoming and appreciates any contribution (within the contribution criteria of course)

Please boost to spread the word.

Just when you think can’t get more sh*t when it gets to PR and ads, it surprises you!

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NeoChat, KDE's native Matrix chat client, is out and comes with a new login page that detects the server configuration from your ID, stickers, message editing, and much more. Check out all that's new at

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It's interesting that SAS Institute feels that non-peer-reviewed software with hidden implementations of analytic methods that cannot be reproduced by others should be trusted when building aircraft engines.
-- Frank Harrell (in response to the statement of the SAS director of technology product marketing: "We have customers who build engines for aircraft. I am happy they are not using freeware when I get on a jet.")
R-help (January 2009) #Rstats

Softwares that I have not tested and claim to be good alternatives but I'm sure they also have a BUT somewhere, although I'll test them at some point:
- @threemaapp
- @session
- @delta (i think this is just an interface to email client)

- @Jami: it has a good UI, a GNU project. BUT lacks many many many bells and whistles common-man would look for. I can't say more positive or negative things as it didn't even work when I was testing these apps with a friend! I'm sorry to say this, but it feels like a dead unmaintained software with beautiful icon!! I'll be ok with giving it one more shot but most people don't give any software the second chance!

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- Wire: it is beautiful, it is privacy oriented, has many features that common-man would look for, cross-platform, cross-platform desktop apps. BUT the development is headiously slow, there are some security/privacy issues, but I cannot confirm them. it is not decentralized, so it is doomed as Signal is.

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- @element_hq is decentralized, is secure, has public rooms, had tons of bridges to connect to many other platforms, it is cross-platform, has desktop app, web app and etc. Has some general features, but lack most of the bells and whistles of Telegram and WhatsApp (stickers, backgrounds, polls, ...). It does not even have disappearing messages and even if you delete something, it will just get hidden and the server admins can still access it (of course in encrypted form).

- Briar: it is secure, it can work even without internet connection. [I haven't used it recently] but perhaps it lacks many whistles and bells telegram has that can attract common people. Another downside is that it does not work on iOS! Any solution that is not cross-platform is practically useless and its adoption by good majority will never happen!

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There are of course alternatives and guess what, there is ALWAYS A BUT (usually with single T):

- Telegram: it is feature rich, cross-platform, cross-platform desktop app, public rooms, stickers, .... (but still there are concerns about its security/privacy. For example the conversations are not E2EE by default and it should be activated manually.

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