Former user. Hopefuly this thing wont be shut down and lost like the last Diaspora pod I had an account in.
I' m a user and software fun. I run on my computers and servers, is my DE of choice.
I play and visit OpenSource

My hobbies are and

How are you today!?

@Megaf Welcome to Fosstodon! I can't promise that we'll NEVER shut down, but I can tell you that we have a solid backup process and @kev and I are very dedicated to the instance.

My day was... interesting. You know those "hacker" movies where some dude just types a million miles an hour while staring at the screen like he hasn't slept in a week? That was my day.

Hello @mike ! Thanks for the reply and I know what you mean, of course :)
Not a coder myself but already sent hours changing configuration settings and changind stuff.

My last endevours were easy tho, just a couple of wordpress websites, LXC containers and LetsEncrypts certificates, nothing too hardcore :P

Glad this pod, or however we call it in here will last :)
I had a small community from my game servers on Diaspora, might try to reassemble it here now!

@mhall119 Stop that already! Or I am out of here as fast as you can type donate.
Tell you what, get me a job as SysAdmin or IT Manager and I will donate 20% of my salary every month for the first year of work. What do you say?

@Megaf if you aren't financially able to donate, that's fine. But if you are, and Fosstodon is something that makes you happy, then pitch in a dollar or two to keep the lights on for everyone. That's what I'm doing.

But if you can't, again that's okay, I'm paying for you too.

@mhall119 it hasnt been even one hour since I joined and theres already people asking for money. Common... Is there a block person button here?

@Megaf Yup, the ... button at the bottom of my post will let you block me.

But it won't make me wrong ;)

@mhall119 you better double your donation mate, since you are paying for me. And read my last post.

@Megaf hey there, welcome! judging by your mentioned tags we have a lot in common! :)

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