I must admit though, my first impressions are quite good, I'm finding this network very welcoming and so far the website has been behaving nicely!

If you look at me in real life you will think I am quite normal thoug, just a handsome 31 years oid fella. :P

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By the way, I have I am often very agressive, unemployed and sometimes not having a good day. Sometimes just want to be left alone.

I love helping people though, with Linux, servers, bikes and why not, life.

Unemployed and in a very hard situation finatially speaking. So, sorry if I am impolite, I dont mean it in a personal level, just reacting without much processing.

Former user. Hopefuly this thing wont be shut down and lost like the last Diaspora pod I had an account in.
I' m a user and software fun. I run on my computers and servers, is my DE of choice.
I play and visit OpenSource

My hobbies are and

How are you today!?


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