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Our biggest ever production run of @PinebookPro is about to start shipping! Let's see how much everyone enjoys the @ManjaroARM build preinstalled on them. :)

So I got a free 1-year license of synergy for working at an emergency care facility.. It really is quite magical to have my as a device working seamlessly with my X86 douche windows machine giving me all this extra screen real estate! Good solution until I finally buy myself a real external monitor!

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The Pine64 website, forums, and more... soon coming to you from 24 just like this. 😉

So my monday post got delayed a little but here it is! I have tested out the performance of the as a NAS, testing transfer speeds and stuff.
Since @kev recently stated that it's not mandatory with daily posts to join I will join in my own way!

So today I continue on my ramble from last Friday about self hosting! Last week I was kind of saying that self hosting isn't worth it but this week I go more into when it is.. Still not participating in but I'm shamelessly using the hash tag! Continuing the 2 posts a week though!

Hey, I've been looking at plugins for simple traffic statistics but are there any that doesn't log any personal information? I don't want to log ip-adresses (Hashed ones tops), browser info and so on... anyone know some good ones? I'm not good at programming so nothing to complex!

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So I've started a blog. I really don't have the time to post every day so i wont be joining but i expect to post around 2 times a week! today is about selfhosting!

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As of today, we have started our transition to hosting all our online infrastructure on the cluster!

Say hello to our new IRC server at!

Matrix homeserver and more are soon to come.

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USB-C docked #pinebookpro power-in, HDMI out (1440p), Ethernet, USB mouse + keyboard and even an auto-detected USB wireless headset. All this running with #Linux kernel 5.6 and Panfrost FOSS GPU driver.


I'm just so happy right now! Last night i updated my to v.20.04 with new mirrors and all (broke my system because i didn't apply the fix in extlinux.conf as specified in the update post but i managed to fix that with a temp os on an sd card..). ANYWHO, now i found that for arm is available in the AUR! I can finally ditch my x86 windows machine! whohoo

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Finally received my PINEPHONE "Brave Heart" today. Can't wait to install Manjaro on it :-) #pinephone #manjaro @PINE64 @ManjaroARM

Must admit that the recent community efforts when it comes to is really inspiring! Even my low-power 3yr old laptop is pitching in, sounding like a freaking jetengine but it's fine...

@Meatball A week ago the laptop suddenly didn't register any input from the keyboard and any time you tried to go into device manager to do anything with the device drivers or whatever, windows froze... I had to reboot into safe mode and suddenly the whole thing worked.. decided to reinstall the drivers in safemode anyway just to be safe! My point is: how are normal techilliterate people like my partner supposed to fix these problems? are they supposed to turn it in for a repair everytime?

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So my partners laptop has been having issues the last week and it has made me wonder why commercial laptops are of such low quality. Her Ideapad looks pretty stable but the chassi(air intake on the bottom) was very weak over the fans and was somehow bent a little. the fans subsequentially touches the chassi making alot of noise.. She thought it was broken and started thinking of buying a new one but i fixed it (obviuously)...

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