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“More information continues to surface that trees may be far more connected than we thought. Forest ecologist Suzanne Simard of The University of British Colombia gave a TED talk in June, during which she detailed research that shows mother trees recognize their kin. At a time when an increasing number of people are disconnected from the natural world, Simard hoped to persuade the audience to think differently about forests.”

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“The Dogon priests can detail the rapid rotation, 50 year orbital cycle, small size, and immense power of Po Tolo - Sirius B - with great accuracy. However, Western science's debate often focuses on Dogon knowledge of the Sirius system outside of the whole Dogon cosmological scheme of creation. Therefore, the fact is often overlooked that the Dogon have described in great detail and accuracy the structure and nature of our entire galaxy and how we Earthlings fit into it

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Deltron 3030-Virus

“Global Controls will have to be imposed”

🦹🏽‍♂️ muahahaha

Contact me using "xhtml-developer1276" on the Jami distributed communication platform:

We’re fighting the same battle everywhere | The Electronic Intifada

“took less than a week for me to become accustomed to daily interactions with Israeli soldiers carrying guns. It scared me. So did the number of Make America Great Again hats on people walking the streets of the Holy Land.”

John Aitken (@JohnAitken) Tweeted:
75 years ago today was the Trinity Test. And for @SHO_TwinPeaks fans it gives us an opportunity to commemorate/lament this. Press Play on - S3 EP8 AT 12:21 BST today and the bomb will explode on the ep EXACTLY 75 years to the minute. @DAVID_LYNCH

James Watson and eugenics - Scientific American Blog Network

“Their view of eugenics, as applied to human populations, drew from the agricultural model of breeding the strongest and most capable members of a species while making certain that the weakest members do no reproduce”

consent must be enthusiastically informed 


GitHub - LemmyNet/lemmy: 🐀 Building a federated alternative to reddit in rust

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