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Blender's peertube instance has an expired cert:

Maybe someone knows who to contact to fix that?

Pretty damning message about sexism by @fsfe president (@kirschner)

Does anyone have some confirmation of this or some other source that talks about it?

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Another release!

This one has some various improvements, bug fixes.

There are also some big changes in how the feeds are handled internally: they are now cached and should provide better performance and make the app feel smoother. Might still have some rough edges but it's a much better base upon which we can build further.

Check out our latest release here:

Translations ( and issue reports (GitLab or here) welcome!

With ❤️, happy holidays!

What is this supposed to mean @matrix? "it has zero dependencies except this huge dependency"

Very disappointing the Mandalorian episode today. Can it not stand on its own? It wasn't even very well done.

Also @postmarketOS 's install instructions didn't work for me, it told me to use dd to install to the emmc but that just didn't do anything, it completed instantly. Pointing pmbootstrap to the emmc device with --sdcard worked fine though

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Have been playing with the Pinephone for a couple hours now. Manjaro has good default settings for scale-to-fit for apps, but it's manjaro so I yeeted it in favour of @postmarketOS.

Definitely missing those scale-to-fit settings now, a pain to do them myself. Without it set properly a bunch of dialogs are too big in some direction and hard to close, or the whole program goes outside of the bounds of the screen and is unusable...

I'm trying to temper my expectations, but the hype is building xD

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I've had to delay delivery of my Pinephone for more than a week now because of organizational issues meaning I can't be sitting outside ready to sign (and without that those b**** would stick a message "we tried to deliver" without trying anything), but I can finally get it Thursday!

Snowden's been (re)tweeting like mad about a possible pardon from Trump, along with Manning, Assange, etc. I really hope one thing can come out of this disgraced exit that we can remember fondly, it seems there is some hope for it to actually happen

@fosstodon can we stop Venezuelan state media from being able to get trending hashtags going here? # venezuelavictoriosa for example now, but they frequently have one there.

@aprilorg est-ce qu'il y a un flux RSS ne contenant que la version complète (ou que les versions découpées d'ailleurs) pour ? C'est un peu ennuyeux de devoir faire le tri toutes les semaines pour ignorer les versions découpées (et j'imagine que les gens qui utilisent les versions découpées ont le même soucis mais pour ignorer la version non décopuée)

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Want another way to participate in this year's #DayAgainstDRM? Sign onto our comments for new anti-circumvention exceptions to the DMCA, helping us weaken DRM by supporting each and every proposed exemption.

Today is the international . Get rid of your streaming dis-service and get your shows or movies from your favourite file-sharing site, reject ebooks that use DRM... ✊

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happy ! been happily living without DRM for most things, but especially my music. sure, it might not be as convenient as something like Spotify, but the small bit of work to ensure that my music will always be there is absolutely worth it at the end of the day. and with platforms like Bandcamp and Soundcloud, Spotify looks more and more like a downgrade.
DRM benefits only the companies that implement them and nobody else.

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@pixelfedde 's cert has expired (I wanted to look at your docker blogpost and had to click through a scary warning 😉 )

Corporations are cancers. They are amoral entities that optimize for growth, and have no regard whatsoever for anything else.

This, plus the fact that the UX is way better using Jellyfin and file sharing sites, is yet another reason to never pay these scumbags a cent.

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