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Raging about my own incompetence regarding bash et al. 

Raging about my own incompetence regarding bash et al. 

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Wow its amazing all the apps/services @nextcloud can replace:

Calendar, contacts, todo list, Google Drive/Dropbox, bookmark sync, Google Keep/notes, Evernote, Pocket/ReaditLater, RSS reader, password manager, Google Photos, internet radio, Google Hangouts/chat, project management, eBook reader/manager, even documents and spreadsheets with OpenOffice or Collabora.

Can't wait till I get everything switched over!

alternatively, this is a hardware issue (SD card probably even though I tested it before installing Raspbian), but it worked fine when installing ffmpeg from source

On why software is terrible: July edition:
a library ffmpeg depends on (libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0) segfaults in the configure stage of apt. This breaks ffmpeg and it doesn't work at all (but that's not obvious in the apt output)

Maybe I should try Arch instead of Raspbian on the rpi, these outdated packages are getting out of hand. (this was a bug 5 YEARS ago!)

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I donate to @EFF for an Internet that respects and empowers users. Join me:

I'm messing about a bit with Glade. Does anyone have experience with it? I feel like it's pretty nice to work with once you "get" it, but that's still not happening for me (getting there though!)

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I really don't want to start another heated debate here, but I thought it would be prudent to put out a statement on the whole 'Snowflakes' thing.

This will be the last I say on the matter; I will try to do better in future.

It's weird how sometimes an old toot starts getting boosts again

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Remember when some of ya'll said that it was too early to decide whether AMD was "back"?

How about now:

PS: Not an "in your face", it's a serious question

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has an annoying problem. I mean, it's not a bug. it's working as intended. but in annoying way.

so when people boost/favourite your toot, you get a notification for it. a separate notification for every single action affecting your post. one of my posts has 158 boosts and 114 favourites. this means 272 notifications. sure, fine to know my post is interesting. but can't the notifications be grouped into a one notification, like on the most of social services?
Twitter is a good example.

I'm planning on powering through most of Learning Python 3 the Hard Way today. I won't be doing it as you're supposed to, since I'm not starting programming, I just want to get a better grasp of Python. I'm not sure that's the best way to go about it, but I remember that I basically got into programming with the Python 2 version of the book

Actually, now that I think of it there should really be some kind of federation feature on . I'm not sure if ActivityPub would be appropriate for it, but it might. They already have the "monitored status" thing, maybe one could use this to indicate to federating servers (manually added one by one) what files they want, and then whoever gets the file notifies others that they have it, who can then sync it. This way you could federate with family or friends? I have to think about this a bit

Great work by Julia Reda, a shame to have her out of the parliament. FOSSA and the Cybersecurity legislation will push the EU and the world forward, I hope to see it sail through... now let's hope the Council doesn't spoil things as they tend to do

Apparently @Liberapay started taking SEPA payments in February. Does anyone know how this works? Does it go through Stripe, what are the fees?

I might make an account now, I didn't know this happened! Great news in any case.

For a desktop application, would there be any reason not to use AGPL? Conversely, would there be any reason to use it over GPLv3+?

hahaha I just toot that and 10 seconds later I get a notification from Sonarr saying it started downloading the season

Stranger things coming out in a couple of minutes according to Sonarr. I'm really curious if the Microsoft thing has anything to do with it, more than anything 😆

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