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Open call to action: Moderation app for fediverse software! 

Does anyone get this (firefox)?

Open a new tab, then quickly open a link from the "top sites"

Switch back to another tab; the link you just clicked opens in this tab, replacing what was previously there. The new tab stays empty

> open Fosstodon
>realize I'm up to date, close the tab
> compulsively open Fosstodon again in a new tab

I have a problem. Not enough fuel here for efficient procrastination!

Maybe I should just... work??? Blasphemy!

New GOG galaxy client:

I wonder why they don't make these FOSS, they don't have any DRM anyway and making them FOSS would make me feel less dirty about using it (I mean, it's on my gaming HDD with windows so some more proprietary abominations are not a big deal, but still)

TIL about Halycon:

A twitter-like UI for Mastodon. Pretty neat, although I don't think it's a good idea in the long term since people might get more confused than anything

Answer to a question I didn't know I had:

does the mac pro case work well as a cheese grater?

In the same spirit as Ad Nauseam. I like the intent, although it's questionable if it does much for me since I use Firefox through Tor and uBlock and uMatrix and cookies are on a whitelist-only... Nice to see Mozilla extend the middle finger to the surveillance capitalism forces though 🤷

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Allez allez, il manque seulement 2000€ pour atteindre le dernier objectif de #Mobilizon :blobaww: !

Ce palier, c'est pour avoir la "version idéale", avec des groupes, de la messagerie, etc :

I'm actually so hyped for AV1, especially now that my hard drives are filling up 😆

I hope there will soon be SoCs with hardware decoding

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Shameless bragging... 

My router stopped working for a moment, but the interface was still reachable so I thought it was my server that had fallen victim to a SACK DoS attack (had been lazy about rebooting to update the kernel)

Good news I guess?

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The last funding goal of @Framasoft 's project for an ActivityPub-enabled event coordination software is nearly reached!

It needs less than 200€ a day in the 16 days to go until the end of the campaign to be fully funded.

Worried about the sustainability of the solution? Framasoft already funded (and developed) #PeerTube, which was released in v1.0 in October 2018. The last release was one week ago, and they're still working on it.

Raspberry Pi 4 is out: pretty exciting. I hope there will be a 4+ or whatever whenever AV1 hardware support starts coming out... I'm considering to re-encode all my media into H265 now but it feels a bit dirty to use that codec when AV1 is so close

Turkey might eventually get rid of Erdogan? Go back to a secular government, stop the rising influence of religion... One can hope. Atatürk could have been one hell of a generator, what with all the turning he must have been doing 😀

Death by a thousand cuts for me... I'll stick with Tusky for the time being

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Just trying out @fedilab ... And wow, this UI is busy compared to Tusky. Sooo much going on

Disgusting behaviour by Google, as we've come to expect... Pushing bad ideas as web standards to further their ever tightening grasp on the Web.

Heavy electricity is caused by particle accelerators sending huge jolts of power into domestic power lines. These knock the electricity back into its wild state, which is much heavier due to flattened electrons. The devastating result is that huge masses of heavy electricity start randomly falling out of wires and crashing onto anything below.

Learn more about the dangers of heavy electricity and contribute to to save lives!

CBP agents: cops not bounded by the constitution, with near-unlimited power and visions of grandeur that make them the perfect fascist group to terrorize all that come through the border

A vision of a possible future in the whole US (not just the border) if neo-neo-conservatives continue to hold power in the US

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