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So from what I can gather the EU made temporary legislation allowing it to monitor email and chats and it may be made permanent soon on April 15. Apparently the public can join in on the discussion. If you're an EU citizen that sounds like a debate to be a part of.

@mdrights I admire your courage, isn't running Ooni dangerous for you?

@ghil @unicornfarts to be expected with centralized software, sadly. Humans are terrible.

@ghil @unicornfarts they're adding a cryptocurrency, where 85% of the coins were sold to investors for 85 cents each. Currently MOB is trading around 50 USD. MOB is centralized, aims to please regulators, and Moxie is one of the founders (but none of that is disclosed in the blog post announcing it:

@unicornfarts don't spend any social capital moving from one centralised system to another. For all you know, next week they might add a pyramid scheme to the app like signal just did

@Tay0 although to be fair I don't know how the blood pressure part works

@Tay0 I assume it looks at the differences in artery size?

@adamprocter Huh what does the EU have to do with it? I think seizing what we're owed is fair game, we've allowed like 40 million vaccines to be exported already (which is about how many have been administered overall in the EU if I'm not mistaken?)

bad April fools jokes 

It's so funny to send an email to all the employees with as subject "your department is being dissolved".

It's funny, right? Right?


@AaronTheIssueGuy One side: a pyramid scheme masquerading as a decentralized system while really being centralized. The other, a regulatory body finally catching up. I know who I'm rooting for

@vanitasvitae it just kinda froze for a while. Did we get to see the explosion?

@unicornfarts Jellyfin is great, I haven't had any major issues, and it's FOSS, so...

@unicornfarts Plex is not even an option, it's proprietary...

@XxAlexXx nope, getting inspiration is also copyright violation

@XxAlexXx source-available apps (where you can read the source but the license is not FOSS) are also proprietary, it's not a question of being able to read (since it's not useful to be able to read if you're not allowed by law to make derivatives)

@kev @AaronTheIssueGuy I have browns and people can definitely hear the clackety clack

@AaronTheIssueGuy it shouldn't be loud? That eliminates like almost all of the good keyboards

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