@MrManor upload not changing from 0 is normal since probably no-one was watching at the same time as you were

@erikstl Kdenlive is the best video editor I think. I found it pretty easy to do basic things with, but I had some experience from using Vegas Pro previously (a long time ago)

@brandon @ZedXo also, do you mean AOSP/LineageOS or your run-of-the-mill OEM build with Google proprietary spyware included?
Because I would say AOSP > iOS > Android with GApps

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Marcel Aiphan: Ces images sont votre défaite.
Une telle répression aveugle pour empêcher des citoyens de se rassembler pacifiquement, aux yeux du monde, c’est la fin définitive de toute crédibilité pour #Macron.
Vous rendrez des comptes...
#GiletsJaunes #Acte45 #Paris

It's very weird to hear people say the French ruling against Valve is a bad thing, maybe because of an emotional attachment to Valve/Steam?

Why would anyone say "no thank you, I don't want consumer protections"?

@cavaliertusky I mean it's not a conscious decision to do so, this was just an accident I guess

@cavaliertusky @kominoshja it's a cross-post. They retweeted something on their twitter account

@abemusicentropy Oh wow, that's pretty impressive. Now if only the file sharing sites had more Linux stuff instead of only Windows...

@alexbuzzbee compiled text is even less than raw source text 😉

And who does have the time to fix Gentoo after all haha

@alexbuzzbee "this guide includes a number of media files (videos, SVGs)" gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-g

That's how and why I would reckon. Linux is only some text after all, doesn't tend to weigh much

Why is it so hard for browsers to handle media correctly? Tried to watch an episode of a show I have in x265 on my Jellyfin instance, but that didn't work because the audio is 6-channel and only the music played. So I had to use sftp to make mpv do this so very hard task

@alexbuzzbee java is the worst. Burn it with fire as soon as the assignment is done!

@ndegruchy definitely: when reading your post about the goose game I was delighted about how the video was embedded. Cheers for that!

@brandon I might agree that he was unfit for a public outreach job, but only because his other views being not normative might distract from the core cause of the FSF - free software - in the sense that it is harder to agree with someone on one topic if that person happens to hold a view you find morally wrong in some fashion

@brandon He has changed his position on pedophilia since, necrophilia has defensible arguments (although I don't agree with them). The EMACS virgins story is maybe a bit tasteless, but not egregiously so, since the parallel with the Virgin Mary is quite clear.

Apologism of bestiality is not excusable, but at the same time I have not seen an explicit isolated comment of his, only that one quote from 2003 where a list of sexual deviancies is mentioned, and it is included.

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Moi, quand on me parle d'une application, je la vérifie tout de suite chez @exodus et je partage le rapport avec celui ou celle qui me conseillait de l'installer.

Ça calme les gens.

Merci #Exodus <3

@fatboy if not yet it will come soon. @ConnyDuck was talking about making a poll from Tusky in a recent toot. It's in the beta already I think

@cavaliertusky yes, apparently Reagan passed a law when he was governor for that haha


This is one way to get gun control in the US 😆

Just imagine godless socialists having guns 😱... That would be the end of civilization!

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