Raging about my own incompetence regarding bash et al. 

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@cmw Ihr Recht ist es. Das habe ich gar nicht bezweifelt - es ging mir nur darum, dass die Entscheidung welche Instanz bzw. User geblockt werden, nicht den Entwicklern aufgebürdet werden sollte.

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Das Fediverse ist groß - und natürlich gibt es hier auch Leute, mit denen man keinen Kontakt haben möchte. Da wird dann gerne gefordert, dass die Entwickler der Fediverse-Clients (Tusky, Fedilab etc.) bspw. rechtsextreme Instanzen direkt im Client blockieren.

Meine Meinung: Das ist nicht die Aufgabe der Entwickler. Das Fediverse und gerade Mastodon bieten genügend Möglichkeiten, diese zu blockieren.

Raging about my own incompetence regarding bash et al. 

Raging about my own incompetence regarding bash et al. 

@brandon not the static site itself, it's a text file. Maybe the back end 😁. It removes one layer in any case

@cavaliertusky no, it's what's called a static site generator. Hugo might be a bit more work to get started with, but it's the saner way to do a blog since you can generate files once instead of relying on a php backend. Then you can deploy those wherever, it also can't be hacked since there's nothing there to hack

@joseph @hugo I loathe using PayPal, but when I have to I now exclusively use it through the VPN at my home. Too much fucking security shit every time I'm on another network

@yarmo @jamie it's not for me, as I said port 25 is blocked and there's no way around that without defeating the whole point of self-hosting (or at least a big part of it)

@yarmo @jamie email is actually pretty resilient, so unless you're gone for weeks it actually doesn't matter that your server is down sometimes. I don't think I would have self-hosted my email anyways, but I wish it was possible and more people did it...

@jamie Wireguard is the best. I don't know how I could deal with OpenVPN, it was just awful.

I use most of the others on your list frequently as well, except maybe PiHole and Mailcow (I deal with ads in other ways, DNS seems crude to me, and my ISP doesn't allow opening port 25 so I don't self-host my email)

FOSS is the best 💓

@ignatenkobrain 😈 😈

Now you reminded me to try out pagure (which I must say has the silliest pronunciation ever, and I speak french)

@kiri as long as a universe is consistent and has some kind of internal rulebook that it follows, you can do whatever and I'll by immersed in the universe. Just don't do ex machina stuff that is way out there compared to previous behaviour, etc...

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Wow its amazing all the apps/services @nextcloud can replace:

Calendar, contacts, todo list, Google Drive/Dropbox, bookmark sync, Google Keep/notes, Evernote, Pocket/ReaditLater, RSS reader, password manager, Google Photos, internet radio, Google Hangouts/chat, project management, eBook reader/manager, even documents and spreadsheets with OpenOffice or Collabora.

Can't wait till I get everything switched over!

@utf8equalsX well yes, it's a term from RMS' glossary. I tend to like those, they're often descriptive

@brandon @jlelse ha! So you did get a Firefox account. Gotcha 😈

@brandon maybe time to get that Firefox account 😉

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