@utf8equalsX @tobtobxx notably, unless I am mistaken, they don't have DRM and they offer file downloads (wow, what a world where that is special) instead of streaming or whatever

@nebunez @DamonGang lol, project veritas with their amazing distortion of facts until they're unrecognizable is not the best source

@yarmo I hope we'll see AVIF everywhere soon πŸ€”

@10X I loved it, great fun. Not the best show ever, but I found it pretty funny

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Today is a special day. The 31th anniversaries of xxxxxx. Never forget! To resist the authoritarianism is to refuse regretting of memories.

@jrhughart Well, there are plenty of people talking about it, which you can probably get a glance of in the federated timeline.

This is a mostly software-oriented instance, but of course you can always follow people from elsewhere other things interest you.

This is awful, I'm so happy I don't have to deal with this shitshow of a language πŸ˜†


@ericbuijs Cool! Didn't know that existed. I usually use DeepL Translator: deepl.com/translator

Not FOSS though, but also not Google, so still somewhat better.

@kiri It's actually the Google SDK itself that complains I think, I don't think the app developer itself makes that dialog


Fuck... WTF Mozilla, recommending articles in the "new" tab???

Stop doing stupid shit like this...

@kev I think you spend more time redesigning the site than actually doing anything with it, about half the posts seem to be about meta things about your blog. The interface is fine, and more importantly, it doesn't really matter.

Of course if you do this just to have fun, great πŸ˜„

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@coffeerobot It's amazingly easy to go through all ipv4 addresses, takes about an hour apparently

@coffeerobot How would that even work? Isn't Gopher menu-driven? How would the mapping be done?

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I want to thank the fediverse for existing, and thanks to the instance admins/mods for taking legal risks for running the software

@cavaliertusky @jordan31 I would guess he has an overwhelming desire to discuss the nutritious value of licking boots, in relation to current events

@jordan31 Consider switching to Jellyfin, working great for me πŸ˜†

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