What is this supposed to mean @matrix? "it has zero dependencies except this huge dependency"

Of course, MrBeast leading the charts, because why wouldn't he (also, where the f does he get that much money for these things, pretty impressive)

Where do these icons in the @ArchLabsLinux i3 config file come from? Is it from some fancy font?

I tested it for a while, and it's not super fast to search the subtitles, a couple seconds an episode (I guess it must do some pretty heavy operations), but it's pretty cool that it works at all.

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"The alleged crime was in 2010, but Brown wasn't assigned to the case until 2017. I think this adds weight to the argument that Obama DOJ decided they couldn't move forward for press freedom reasons, but Trump DOJ decided to just go for it, because screw the free press" Micah Lee (@micahflee@twitter.com)

a lot of woulds here... Is this worth an extradition, when the US is clearly making stuff up?


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