Before you can do bad things to people with a clear conscience, you must dehumanise them. In Big Tech designers and developers can build systems that track, profile, and exploit people then go home to hug their kids because they’re not people to them, they’re “users” and “data.”

@aral I've been thinking about this a bit, it's a nice soundbite to say "only tech and drug dealers use the word users"... but then what do we call the people that use ethical services, like for example Mastodon?


@aral "there are now 2 million mastodon people"

I'm sorry, users are people who use something, it's a descriptive term and while I don't like the passive nature of the word we should have another descriptive word if we are to avoid using that one...

@Matter “there are now 2 million people who use Mastodon.” They’re not Mastodon people any more than they’re Mastodon users. Their use of Mastodon doesn’t define them. They’re human beings who use Mastodon.

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