Hey community, what's your favorite music/media server? And why? I'm new to the selfhosted space, so I'd love to get some opinions from more experienced fellas.

Initially, I'm going to be hosting it on a as bandwidth is not an issue, but as my library grows I'll probably take it to the cloud with either a box or a seedbox.


@Metruzanca for movies and TV, the unchallenged king in this space is Jellyfin. It also does music but there are better specialized tools for that (look at the awesome-selfhosted list: github.com/awesome-selfhosted/ )

@Matter Gonna be honest, I've never heard of Jellyfin. Gonna look into it! I was expecting to see Plex mentioned.

@Metruzanca Plex is proprietary, so not even worth mentioning 😜

@Matter Aaaahhhh, right. This is FOSStodon after all. I'm more of an OSS guy.

@Matter @Metruzanca uh, never heard about Jellyfin, I just watched their website and I think I’ll try it soon

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