Sad to see developer (amongst other things) tom79 throw in the towel, but more than understandable.

Another victim of the Gab hysteria... This really highlights one of the things that is so terribly wrong with the fediverse.

@person From what I understand, he has been harassed after not putting a Gab block in his client, unlike Tusky who blocked their domains and launches rickrolls instead of authenticating (which I think is not something a client should do, it should just implement the API, and apparently he had the same view).

Recent events (parler etc) seem to have somehow stirred that whole thing up again and he didn't feel up to receiving death threats again.

I'm not sure on the details, corrections welcome

@Matter @person A domain block in a client? That's outrageously stupid, IMO.


@lig @person it feels dirty and wrong, I really dislike it. I'm all for blocking Gab, in fact I'm on this instance still and it blocks Gab and I'm very happy with that.

Just not in the client, imagine if Firefox were to block or something like that. Bah.

@Matter @person Yeah. BTW, I've just read their home page. It kinda lols:) They talk about threats on their site to their users from other users and considering to block users for that. Free speech, right;)

@Matter @lig @person blocking gap is pointless... they defederated on their own... they run a fork by now
@lig @Matter @person indeed... I don't want clients to include hardcoded banlists either.

I hate the idiots who harass developers for implementing a protocol

@reto @lig @person yes I know that, but at that time they were still federating and it was still a concern

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