Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian (the making-of of the show) is so nice to watch. These people really care about the story, about the details, ...

If you like Star Wars OR are interested in novel movie-making techniques, special effects, practical effects, ... and haven't watched the show or the making-of yet, get it from your favourite file sharing site (not from the DRM-ed Disney site of course...) and watch it.

@Matter agreed. I think the sequel trilogy would have been better had they all been handled by the same director and creative team. I tend to enjoy J.J. movies for the most part, so I'm curious how the story would have went had he helmed all 3 movies.

@jawsh Not sure what you're talking about, there is no sequel trilogy

@jawsh but yeah if they worked on some movies they would probably turn out great.

@Matter Not The Mandalorian but Star Wars has a sequel trilogy, unless you refuse to count them. I wouldn't argue against cutting them from cannon tho. After the season 2 ending of the the Mandalorian, I would like to have seen Luke given a different story more in line with his epicness in Legends.

@jawsh yeah they are not in my head canon ;)

I wouldn't mind Luke not being epic after a while, honestly that's not the part of the Disney trilogy I find most offensive.

@jawsh and I would've preferred to have the Skywalkers stay in the background in The Mandalorian, but after some more time reflecting on it I don't particularly mind how they handled Luke's appearance

@Matter Agreed. But the Jedi able to answer to Grogu reaching out thru the force was pretty limited given when the events are taking place. I honestly thought for sure that Ahsoka would sense he was in danger from the empire and feel compelled to help & train him to use the force as a non Jedi. Be a change to see more force wielders who don't identify as Jedi or Sith. It did make sense for Luke to show up tho. I think it was also a service to fans who was upset with the way he was portrayed in the sequels.
@Matter a quick appearance like that didn't bother me much. A bit of connective tissue is OK. Giving him a larger role would definitely be a mistake.
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