Hah. Great stuff by ExtinctionRebellion:

Very convincing.

@Matter Oh yeah, really just noticed it when looking at the bottom disclaimer text.

Though I assume the facts what they are funding are real, which makes this quite a serious thing actually…

@rugk The point is to shame them into actually doing what the post says... They should be doing those things anyways.

@strypey @Matter pretty good, but would have been even more convincing if the article announced that they will sack Darryl Willis (former BP that #Google now employs), and that they're ending their deal with Total and that Bruce Hahne redacted his open letter (


"If the world dies by fire, it will be in part due to cloud compute sales to the oil and gas industry by the big three cloud service providers: #Amazon, #Microsoft, #Google ... every sale of cloud technology into the #oil and #gas sector lowers the underlying cost structure of those industries, making them more cost-competitive against #wind and #solar.

This is unconscionable. No wonder they're also funding #ClimateChange "skeptic" propaganda projects.



"I hope to have more time to commit to #NeverAgainAction, a direct-action organization working to oppose and shut down the #ConcentrationCamps in the U.S"


"With the recent spate of Google firings of LGBTQ employees for their activism, including Laurence Berland, Rebecca Rivers, Sophie Waldman, and Kathryn Spiers, I see far too many similarities to what we experienced in the PCUSA twenty years ago."

Obviously I agree that Goggle firing people for gay rights activism is abhorrent. But firing people for not being woke enough is equally abhorrent *for the same reasons*. Employers must not be allowed to control belief.

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