@opensuse needs your input about shop.opensuse.org. We are looking at redoing the store and would like to know your thoughts. Take this short survey to help us determine a directions - forms.gle/sjrS9VkNvmJnrSDZ8

@opensuse Well, I won't be taking that survey, because I do have some thoughts about you using Google Forms for no good reason

@Matter Open to suggestions for something else :D


@hellcp for example, @Framasoft hosts a service: framaforms.org

@Matter Huh, so they do, I will keep that in mind for the next time, thanks

@hellcp sounds great, sorry if the tone sounded a bit harsh there in the first message 😄

@Matter Nah, I don't mind, I expected that to be an issue with some folk, but I couldn't find anything else, so I went with google forms :D

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