I think I'll try out @ArchLabsLinux, my Manjaro installation has become quite borked and I can't justify staying on Manjaro with their tendency to include and recommend proprietary software. I can't live without the AUR though, so that leaves me with not too many options

@Matter @ArchLabsLinux
Be patient..updated .iso in the works. Will even have cli loggin manager.

@timapple @ArchLabsLinux I saw that on the forum. Couldn't wait though, I'm sure it'll update fine later on 😁

@Matter @ArchLabsLinux I'm out of the loop on this. What propriatory software have they started peddling? Is this the LibreOffice replacement? My Mnajaro install has been unstable as of recently so might be on the lookout for another distro also.

@lexservxyz @ArchLabsLinux steam (although I also saw that on ArchLabs...) and the proprietary office suite from their IRL pals. I don't mind drivers because they are necessary for a device to work, but an office suite? Morally reprehensible for a distribution.

@Matter @ArchLabsLinux Yeah that's a bit off, really. Even when they shipped with Libre I still found those shortcuts to M$ Office among the start menu entries which I found strange. Easy enough to get rid of them, but that's not the point.

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