Finally finally finally go the touchscreen to work on the Thinkpad Yoga 12. Nothing intentional, I was about to give up and install Windows... but I decided to try out Arch first, to see if that would be better (I must admit I cheated, I used EndeavourOS). And it did, so there we go. I don't know why it was this difficult, I know others with the exact same model where it worked great out of the box...

For my Thinkpad, touchscreen also worked out of the box for Arch. 👌

@Matter what distro did you try at first? I have a Thinkpad Yoga and it worked out of the box on pop_os.

@Marthinwurer I tried manjaro, Ubuntu, Debian, Linux mint,...

@Matter @Marthinwurer that is so strange. Although, I think I've only put arch on mine.

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