For a desktop application, would there be any reason not to use AGPL? Conversely, would there be any reason to use it over GPLv3+?

@Matter @codesections No, not really. AGPL is meaningful for services, where the end user doesn’t actually have the code running on their own machine (ergo, the binary is not “distributed”). The AGPL still gives you the code in that case, whereas the GPL only applies for distribution.

Wrong tool for the job. You can drive a nail with a shoe but maybe consider a hammer

@sir I thought AGPL was just GPL + SaaSS provision? Is it a bad thing to have that extra protection even if potentially not useful?

@Matter @sir I have to agree: it doesn't make much sense to have a desktop application under the AGPL

The one crazy scenario I can think of is if someone decides to compile your application into a webpage (say, with something like Emscripten) and provide _that_ as a service, but I doubt that's ever going to be something common

@Matter @sir the extra provision makes the AGPL incompatible with the GPL, right? So if you have a library dependency that's GPL instead of LGPL licensed (looking at you readline) that could be a problem.

@sir @Matter heh, I misremembered. The FSF page explicitly said AGPL and GPL modules can be linked together. A GPL module is only a problem if the app using it is more permissively licensed since the combination will end up being GPL licensed.

As someone who used to maintain such a package for #Fedora, yeah, I switched to linking against libedit since I default to assuming the end-user wants to use the binary under the licensing term upstream chose, not something stronger.

@Matter It doesn't add any benefits but it also doesn't hurt. As you said correctly in one of the comments, the AGPL is just the GPL with a "SaaS" clause. Actually there was a long discussion to add this clause directly to the GPLv3. The only reason why it was decided against it was to create a consensuses between all participants in the drafting process.

@bjoern thank you for your response, I will probably go for GPLv3 after all.

(also, thank you for your work on Nextcloud :nextcloud:, I use it every day!)

@Matter I mean, theoretically (at least), you may also use any desktop application code on servers… 🤷

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