Corporations might match up with your morality now, but if (when!) they change their mind, we lose freedom. We need to reject the proprietary silos and solve this problem: get your favourite small youtuber to also upload to a PeerTube instance, stop helping the perverse system of advertising by installing an adblocker, ...

@ndegruchy yes, people really are weird about this kind of thing. They realize centralized platform X is bad, go complain on platform Y, and then maybe tell people to move from X to Z because Z has on their home page that they respect whatever they lack on X. Then Z starts monetizing because the VCs come a-knocking, and suddenly everyone goes back to X

@Matter I’m just gonna get on the ZZ bandwagon, now. I might be able to get some real cred on it and be able to claim I was using it before it was cool.

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