HK protesters seizing their Legislative body, raising the HK colonial flag, drafting a document requiring universal suffrage, hinting at overthrowing the "puppet government"...

Revolution in the air! Let's hope it doesn't end up in Tienanmen 2.0, but with freedom for all HKers! ✊ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ ✊

@Matter It'll be an interesting choice for China. Allow them to revolt, or depopulate the entire region. Exciting times.

And there is a lesson here, that when talking about China, a plausible option is genocide.

@Bluedepth the situation in HK and Taiwan is hugely important, and they are setting the stage for WW3 imo... Does China continue on the totalitarian path, with the inevitable blood-bath (death camps after the concentration camps), or do they set up a real government with laws that mean something, and human rights, etc

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