The Chernobyl series had the very unfortunate and unintended effect of making people think nuclear energy isn't safe.

Nuclear energy is cheap, it's the safest energy source available, there are no emissions.

Coal plants emit more radiation. The nuclear waste can be dealt with, and is not a big deal.

Also, a possible problem that might kill a couple thousand people in a thousand years is much less of a problem than the millions that die and will die due to more carbon and pollution in the air.

@Matter in-situ leach mining on indigenous lands needs to stop though, I feel like people talk about the waste a lot but not enough people are talking about the extraction process

@Matter Just finished the show 30 mins ago. The problem is not nuclear energy, it's lies :p

@k yes, and that's the main point of the series. The failure of the political structure, etc. Unfortunately several people I know reacted by saying we should close all nuclear plants and that it's super dangerous 🤷

@Matter While I am for nuclear it does have some emission associated with enrichment process but that depends on the energy source used.

But yeah potentially no emissions.

@Codeawayhaley yeah, emission to construct, transport, etc etc. But that applies to everything, and IIRC it's the lowest for nuclear power (much higher for solar for example)

Hmmm seriously? Their waste last for million years... Don't say that

@Anscarix Most of the waste is "spent fuel" which will be used in next gen reactors:

The rest of it can be dumped in a safe place for at least a couple millennia, at which point we will either be a space-faring species with bigger problems than a couple tons of radiation-emitting graphite, or civilization will be done in which case we also have bigger problems.

Climate change is NOW, not in a couple millennia. It starts killing NOW, not maybe sometime in the future.

@Matter I remember clearly not being allowed to drink milk, due to the fall out from chernobyl. Nuclear power ain't great. It's less shit than coal, maybe. But it ain't great.

@gairsty nuclear power is actually better than most energy sources:

It's very safe. You just hear more about the nuclear accidents, but almost none of them happen (it's a bit like airplane crashes: worldwide news every once in a while, but you're much safer once in the plane than on the way there)

@Matter Humans are bad at assessing risk. On the rare occasion nuclear power goes wrong it does so quite spectacularly. Compared to quiet, indirect increases in mortality that's a lot more memorable and this scarier.

@keiyakins human brains are not very suited for a lot current-day situations and decisions... another example would be how easy we get influenced by misinformation and such

When you say "Nuclear energy" : what technology are you talking about exactly ? Bwr ? Pwr ? With MOX ? Agr ? Rsf ? Nuclear need good information.

Mox for example seems to be the stupidest thing that humans have created.

Cheapest ? Really ? Including researches and wastes control and dismantling old farms ? False - 1/2

This is complete not true. You are making up a scenario which is quite not true. Nuclear Power Plants are run way too long. which increases the risks alot. The waste can not be stored safely. because our world changes constantly. so there is no safe place which is not affected by weather. tectonics or other influences. It's also only cheap for the runners of a plant. because they don't have to take care of proper insurances to cover damages due to an failure - 1/3

@Matter The costs then are spread to the public. The effects of failures are not "only" human casualties but also devastating landscapes and constant risks to future generations. You are making the same failure our ancestors did by running on coal an other fossils. Solving current problems with easy and fast solutions. which have impact on future generations. In difference to our ancestors - 2/3

@Matter we today can learn out of their failures and find solutions which are not easy and pretending to be cheap. There are sustainable possibilities. which are I agree hard to implement. But instead of solving present problems by generating future problems we are able to be smarter. - 3/3

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