#FOSS apps that need push notifications get problems: Google wants to force all apps on #Android to use its proprietary service Firebase for push notifications.
That's why we need F-Droid and/or #Linux based smartphone OS without Google. #UBports


@datenteiler how does F-Droid integrate FOSS notifications back though?

@succfemboi @datenteiler there's a project/initiative led by @Bubu, one of the current main people working on F-Droid: prototypefund.de/project/open- and gitlab.com/foss-push/planning

This will require major cooperation with for example the Matrix project, Nextcloud, etc to get it off the ground.

@Matter @Bubu @datenteiler

@kaniini any thoughts on using that as reference for the Charisma web broker?
@succfemboi @Matter @Bubu @datenteiler I don't work on Charisma so I don't have any opinions on it.
@succfemboi @Bubu @Matter @datenteiler however charisma is probably useful for building an alternative to GCM. part of why it exists is to allow for alternatives to GCM.
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