#FOSS apps that need push notifications get problems: Google wants to force all apps on #Android to use its proprietary service Firebase for push notifications.
That's why we need F-Droid and/or #Linux based smartphone OS without Google. #UBports



@datenteiler Why is this going around now? This is pretty old news. Not that it's not important, it's one of the main challenges for a FOSS Android usage, but still pretty weird

Okay, didn't know that this one is pretty old. For me it was new. Thank you for the info.

@datenteiler @Matter I knew about this two weeks ago, so you're not allowed to share this with others who might know about it! :thonk:


@hund @datenteiler haha this is an issue years in the making, I was really asking how come people were talking about it all of a sudden (not saying they shouldn't share it, on the contrary! it's very important)

@Matter @datenteiler I know. I'm was just making fun of the fact that how humans in general work. I see this phenomena all the time. Probably even me fall for it sometimes. :P

@hund @Matter @datenteiler something something.. An xkcd for everything?


I actually didn't learn about this until a few weeks ago. Although I've never developed for Android so I guess I didn't need to know.

@rune @Matter @datenteiler I'm pretty sure there's an xkcd for me reacting to the fact that there's an xkcd for everything. :P

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